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  1. (in Reference to a PM) How professional. Next time i go down to Zephyrhills to see my mother ill make sure to stop by, Again. Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  2. NO they are not setting up a DZ there.... Where did that come from?? Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  3. Look i am not calling anybody a liar but the phone company did have records of ALL the phone calls made and NONE of them were forwarded to us the records they had were pretty extensive it even included the last time someone inquired about the account its just weird that they even called back the last incoming calls to the line and asked them several questions but nothing turned up (but if like i said if it did happen its wrong) Look if it did happen its really really fucked up but you cannot just say something happened without some back up thats like me saying George bush II is a good president without having anything to back it up. I look it everything from both sides. and i have spoken to Mike before. Blue sky adventures? what would be wrong about him Buying a DZ? i haven't heard this one Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  4. Just because you do not like the answer it doesn't make it horse shit its true im sure if you call the phone company if you have access they can tell you that there was an investigation and it turned up nothing but hey you seem to only believe what you want to. So Billy was there not an investigation? if so what did it turn up, what was the outcome of it? Why did the police do nothing seems like if that happened someone would have been held accountable for it but then again i guess you cannot charge the innocent Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  5. no but i might just start signing on drop zones in Europe... ha ha j/k or am i? Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  6. no we have good standings with all the other sports/events So that should say something.. Not to mention the partnerships we have. Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  7. and i have answered it like three times WE did not take his number the phone company did an investigation and so did the police they both stated that the number was never forwareded nor was it change or bought out so it never happened thats why nothing happened to us because it wasnt us. You can even check public records and see if a number was ever bought or changed Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  8. Quick questions when you say we back people into a corner remember we do not do out bound call they call us.. So let me ask you this when was the last time you were forced to look up a website and then someone MADE you call the number and then the guy on the OTHER end of the phone forced you to give your CC number out i mean fuckin really how the hell can we force someone when people call in here...... its cause they are looking for something and if the location we have is to far awayor they just dont want it they do not buy(on there on free will) but thats the customers choice not ours Whens the last time some randon company made choices for you?? It sounds like it happens all the time maybe i can force you to buy a bra and panties... actually im gonna, and then im gonna hold you hostage until you put them on for me and dance hell yea also we do not sell to areas we cannot service so if we do not have a DZ where the customer wants to go then the Actual DZ in the area are not loosing anything since we are not selling anything. and if the DZ in rural areas market right aspeciall in the surounding cities where there is a revenue stream, but most do not so you cannot point your finger us because of lack of marketing by DZO's Oh by the way we own three DZ's Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  9. good question and no we do not. Maybe is because skydivers are not very business like i do not know but we service customers from almost any event you can think of but yet we only have issue with skydiving. Weird huh? maybe its because we operate a legit business and only get negative feedback from skydivers who are not very business savy..... And we do not screw anybody or else we wouldnt still be in business... I will tell you like i told the others we had about 366 BBB complaints dating back from 04 we sell to over 300 customers on any given DAY now 366 complaints over a three year period is 122 a year now out of that 122 people who complaints that means thats about 70K (just for that one year)customer who did not complain so let me know what you think about that.. Not to mention we sell for more than just skydiving. so out of a 250,000 customers we had 366 complaints. So now that you have the facts how do we look now???? Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  10. I know what a pilot chute is but i do not know of an up charge for something you have to have. do you know what sales agent you spoke with? Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  11. I do see how our websites can be viewed as misleading but we have site for locations we service, say if someone in salt lake city drives to a drop zone in Vegas to make the jump wouldn't that mean that Vegas services the Utah area? and shouldn't they come up with a website to let potential customer know that? since they have had customers from there jump at there location? And we let the customers know where the location is before they purchase to thats the customers choice to make the drive we do not make up a location We do not claim to be the actual location if you ask us we even say we set customer up at affiliate locations As for the confusion part we try and make it as simple as possible We have websites for areas we can service(even if it would make for a long drive) Doesnt every drop zone claim to have top of the line equipment i dont know of any DZ who site claims to have less than top of the line And we do not list particular equipment used so its not specific If you look into it there are plenty of other companies that have websites for every state and multiple cities i will post a link to some of them but yea if you were a nationwide location you would probably have a lot of sites to, or else you wouldn't be in business nation wide. and we do not sell anything with the intention of deception. If i left any out i am sorry please just ask me again and i will answer. Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  12. if a customer from Utah calls and ask where you are located we tell them where we have something which would probably be Vegas or Boise we do not sell for a location that doesn't exist. Now if they choose to purchase and make the drive thats on that customers i cannot think of anybody who has choose to make that drive. I have no idea what a pilot chute fee is. but if someone in here did claim that the cost covered the pilot chute fee that would be some bullshit. Say if you called best buy and wanted a GC and they said the closest store to you was 120 miles but yet you still bought a GC from them when circuit city is right down the street who choice was that? Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  13. (response to a private message from DSE since he blocked me from sending private messages) so you(DSE) should have names and numbers of customers who we sold to in the Utah area (if you cleaned up OUR mess) then you should have those customers names and numbers can i get those? I would have no problem refunding those customers if they do exist and no i get no pleasure out of this that is why i try and clear these issues up to help the customers out I want to set customers up and have them jump Plus if we cannot provide the customer with the service that customer is then refunded. We provide people with gift certificates and reservations for multiple activities. Look at it this was we sell to over 300 customers a day ranging from skydiving to helicopter charters and we have 366 or so BBB complaints dating back from 04 to current now think we sell over 300 a day thats over 109K a year and more than half a million from the date the BBB started a skyride account whats the percent of dissatisfied customers? you give me that number and then let me know.... that is why the attorney generals have done nothing because we do nothing wrong, yes they are looking into us(because of multiple DZO's complaints) but so far have found nothing every customer they gave us to look up receive the service. Thanks for blocking me your great Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride
  14. No he does not Ryan Berger Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride