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  1. they're not invited! Update: We had to cancel scrambles, scrambles will be held sometime in the fall, date TBD. In its place, we're having the following: Mentoring: 4-way mentoring will be held on Saturday and Sunday (ending early for the ash dive). This will be a low-stress, fun method for newer skydivers to learn some new skills. All jumpers who are current with an A license are welcome to participate. For more information on mentoring, contact Bettina Dice at
  2. Skydive Virginia will be hosting the first annual Motus Boogie (in honor of Patrick McNamara) the weekend of Aug. 12-13. Weekend's events will include 4-way scrambles, organized memorial dives, and canopy coaching and demos by Isaiah McCauliffe from Performance Designs. Details are as follows: Ash Release Dive: Saturday, August 12, Sunset. Patrick's ash dive will be on the sunset load Saturday, August 12. Immediately following the jump, we will be celebrating Patrick's life with a barbecue dinner and party. In the event that the weather does not cooperate, the dive will go forward on Sunday morning, August 13. The bbq and party will go on as planned on Saturday evening regardless of weather conditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly at Memorial Dives: We will be having "In Memoriam" dives for Patrick throughout the weekend. All jumpers (who are current) are welcome and encouraged to participate. BBQ Details: If you are going to be at the dropzone for the BBQ on Saturday evening and you want to eat, you must RSVP to Bettina ( by August 3rd. Scrambles: 4-way Scrambles will be held on Saturday, August 12 (ending early for the ash dive). For more information on Scrambles, e-mail Bettina Dice at All jumpers who are current with an A license are welcome to participate. T-shirts: We are having t-shirts made for the event. Price = $22. If you would like a t-shirt, you must RSVP to Bettina Dice ( with your size by July 25th.
  3. Thanks!! I'll put them in the mail today
  4. My team and I just got back from an amazing weekend of training at the tunnel. We had 5.5 hours of tunnel video, which we were able to watch in Orlando, but when we got back to Virignia we couldn't get the computer or DVD player to read the disks. Both are compatible with recordable DVD formats. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, could you fix it? Please tell me that I'm just missing something obvious and we didn't lose all of our video
  5. I tried to give it away - but no one wanted to take it! Now that you mention it - a couple of guys at our DZ are working on one....I can't wait
  6. I was there and I know it was good for me!
  7. the anticipation is killing me!
  8. of all the ones I've had - I like the taste of Go Fast the best - although they're all too sweet for me. Found one when I was overseas this summer called Base It tasted pretty nasty - but their marketing campaign had skydiving in the print ads, which looked pretty cool....
  9. it may have been attempted - but there was definitely no spark!!
  10. They definitely moved to North Carolina - I was talking to one of his regulars at the CSS Easter Boogie.
  11. I was wondering the same thing....
  12. super excited to see you too purple p (and Todd)
  13. Just finished: "The Dive From Clausen's Pier" by Ann Packer - it's a quick read - but not bad. Am in the middle of two books: 1. The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen (hard to get into but once you're there it's pretty good) 2. The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory (am loving this book and having a hard time putting it down!)