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  1. i just received my vertex jumpsuit and have only put five jumps on it. but i really cannot rave enough about it already. the fit is absolutely perfect ! like to the MM perfect. they are well built. really well built.
  2. i can't wait for you to try it either. let us know how she goes.
  3. i am really curious about these? so if anyone has any input feel free to jump in. i can't find any comments about them anywhere. only one about them having issues with postage/tracking numbers
  4. I have run it in the tunnel for free flying, then unzipped to flatly in the tunnel with the lightweights. Have jumped with 70KG students with myself weighing in at 107kgs
  5. dunno whats going on with the pilot chute. apparently the brake lines 'look' like they go thru 2 points but they don't
  6. just found this.... even better....
  7. picture of canopy being tested
  8. was telling my bro about gary connery and showed him the video. he said "the mans got balls, but they'd be even bigger balls if he did it without a rig at all" to which i instantly defended my new hero by saying "he has spent sooo much time flying in the wing suit with a rig on that he would be virtually flying a different wing suit if he had no rig on because it would inflate all differently without a rig" was i even close to the ball park??? or just blowin shit out my arse to defend a legend? it actually got me thinking about the dynamics of the wingsuit without a rig. ps i have done 2 wingsuit jumps four years ago
  9. seriously the last thing anyone wants is for a system to change. i can see why you think that system is good, but... here in australia the regulations have just changed such that the only way you can freefly with anyone but a tutor is to have a freefly crest. which is basically showing that you can freefly and perform certain maneuvers before being able to fly with anyone. sounds good in theory, but when you think about how much tunnel or solo/tutored jumps you would need to be able to fly solid on your head....
  10. You probably would have copped less shit on both youtube and here if you had included a comment to that effect in the description of the video. It is easy, especially for the uneducated, to look at something like this and assume certain things about the motivations of the owner of the video. i'm really not fussed about how much shit i cop. they are mostly just keyboard warriors anyway (on you tube) i'm a big boy, pretty sure i can handle it :) at least on here (for the most part) they have something productive to say.
  11. there was 4 of us on the jump doing a flat jump he was the least experienced by far he kinda burned low nothin to bad, but i also pitched a little high
  12. no billvon i did not see him i was too target fixated on hittin the pond dumb as fuck i know, but hey i said i'd answer honestly theres no way i woulda done the turn otherwise that woulda just been suicidal and homicidal at once.
  13. if you knew the dropzone you'd realise that he wouldnt have been landing off really. he just wouldnt have been landing in the area he wanted to. we have a huge amount of area to land in. with a strip for experienced, a huge circle for beginners an even bigger area for the students, the pond, and then a whole mother load of land surrounding that. i'm not real sure as to what your asking if i think it was fair if you mean for me to ask him to stay away from the pond? definitely, it is super easy to avoid. or do you mean is it fair for me to ask him to land off? well he wouldnt really have been landing off. so in that regards i think its vital for a newbie to learn that its ok not to land in the area they are nominated. there are two reasons its my fault i have more experience and should have known better. and i was the high man. BUT ...... yes there is a but. i do think its important for students AND people on large slow canopies to stay away from areas where people are doing high performance landings. four weeks ago i witnessed a younger jumper (jump numbers wise) fly thru the same air that a 5 way team all doing high performance landings had just whizzed thru. his canopy shut down at about 80 foot and spiraled in to the dirt because of all the turbulent air and he spent a few weeks in hospital, and still is having trouble with his right arm. so maybe yeah it is fair of me to ask him not to fly over the pond after me and my 2 buddies have swooped it. what do you think? (not being a smart arse, really wanna know)
  14. it isnt so much that the guy on the pink canopy was acting stupidly, more that he freaked out. he has very few jumps, the last thing i told him before we left the aircraft was to stay away from the pond as three of us (out of five) were swooping the pond. he was just scared to land off, which wouldnt really have been bad as we have sooooooooo many outs there. when i asked why he went over the pond he said it was coz he wouldnt make it back to his landing area. it scared the shit out of us both really really badly. i grounded myself for the rest of the day. we both got full on target fixation. i was looking at my set up and the pond he was aiming at the student area. we were both unbelievably lucky to walk away from that. "a little reflection time" is a massive understatement but hey..... no blood no foul right
  15. i always have made a somewhat interesting entrance thanks for the warm welcome