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  1. Hey Bob, My big brother. It's been 2 years since you leftt us. i miss you so very much. but, as usual, when i need you, you are still there for me. I can hear your voice, telling me your opnion or advice on my situations. You will never know what a great thing a big brother is to a girl. Kevin Keenan says he hates that your name and Danny's will forever be tied together in the condolence thread, but for me, it's comforting to know that he is there with you. It would have been so much harder to recover from your death if he was still here walking this earth. It's sounds cruel but I like to think that he is there, with no angel wings, shlepping beer at the local heaven bar. On th other side, we planted atree in iout front yard on your bithday, 2007. When I remember, I always say hi to both you and Danny and tell you both to have a great day. Bob, I love you so very much. I'll have a beer to yoast you tonight.
  2. I met Walt over the phone 3 days after Bob died. He just wanted me to know that everything was done to save Bob's life. We emailed alot and talked on the phone quite a bit after Bob's memorial service. I finally got to meet the new "Hero" in my life on May 5th. Bob is my big brother. He has always been my hero and will always be. I have added walt to my list of hero's. I love you, Walt. Terri B.O.B.'s little sister
  3. Hi, I'm Terri, Bob's little sister. Who are you? Where were you? My husband and I met so many of Bob's friends and 'other' family mambers. all the stories and pictures are wonderful memories for us to hold onto. Do you have any Bob stories? Pictures? anyway, I have a lot of pictures, and extra memorial flyers, B.O.B. stickers etc. My cell phone # is 775-240-1605. Home phone is 775-827-9201.
  4. Thank you for the story. Terri (Bob's little sister)
  5. My family and I would love a copy of Bob's last jumps. I got a cd at the memorial from laurel. maybe yours is the same. i don't know. terri
  6. I have read all of the postings. There are several things I kbnow for sure. They are: My niece Shiara will never see her dad, Bob, again. My parents, Jerry and Betty, will never see their son, Bob, again. My other niece, Juliane and her daughter Ciara, will never see their Uncle Bobby again. My sister Carol and I, will never see our Brother Bob again. You are all talking regulations, rules, etc. The only way I see to make DZ's enforce any rules has to be done by all of you divers. You need to put your money where your mouth is. let your actions speak louder than your words. All of you say that Bob was the safest guy out there. Then don't let his death be in vein, for nothing. let the B.O.B. (Because of Bob) rule be his legacy. Each DZ needs to adopt a B.O.B. rule. If they don't, then all of you need to take your money and your gear and walk away. I know all of you loved him and will miss him. But so will we. Please help us make this happen. terri
  7. I'm Terri, Bob's little sister. I'm on Dewitt's soap box and I'm asking all of you for help. The B.O.B. rule is great. How do we get the drop zones to impose that rule? all of you divers out there make sure it gets done by taking your gear and your money and walking away if the drop zone doesn't have a B.O.B. rule. Everyone said Bob was the safest guy out there. Then let this be his legacy. The B.O.B. rule. All of you out there. let me see your actions speak liouder than your words. Help me and Dewittt and others make the B.O.B. rule a reality. terri
  8. Thank you. I'm Terri, Bob's little sister. The great thing about Bob being my big brother, was that he was my best friend also. He will be sorely missed by many. Were you at the services? terri
  9. Hey KathleenL, It's Terri, Bob's little sister. My email address is [email protected] I would really appreciate any photo's you have.
  10. Thank you so much. His death will not be in vein. everyone I met said he was the safest diver out there. B.O.B. now means "because of Bob." I want evry Dz to adopt a B.O.B. rule. People who do moves like Danny was doing need to lean elsewhere. You divers can make this happen. If a DZ dows not have a B.O.B. rule, you need to take your money and your gear elsewhere. terri
  11. That was me, his little sister, talking about Bob being in heaven talking to God. I hoped you liked what I said. terri
  12. I am Bob's little sister. I would love to have a set of your photos'. My email address is [email protected]
  13. I am Bob's little sister. Everyone tells me he was the safest diver around. Maybe the reason for his death is to wake everyone up. Maybe people doing the kind of things that Danny was doing need to land else where in the DZ. Maybe thats what Bob's legasy is. He's still trying to make it safe for others. I would like to see the DZ's adopt a B.O.B. rule. Because od BOB rule. Swooper moves land eksewhere. If they don't, they get banned for a predetermined amount of months. How do we get the DZ's to enforce the rule? all of you make them. If they don't have the B.O.B. rule, you take your money and your gear and go else where. I hope his death will not be in vein. I'd like to see all of you have your actions speak louder than your words. terri
  14. Hi, I am Bob's little sister, Terri. Thank you for making my anger valid. I'm having a hard time trying to wrap my head around the thought that I will never see him again. Are you going to be in Deland Friday? If so, I would like to meet you. Would you have me paged or call me on my cell phone? 775-240-1605.