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  1. superyami


    Gear was stolen last friday 16/6/2017 in LIlle. i am not the owner but here is the facebook link.
  2. lucky me, my parents had some style and picked antoine though i never chosed to have "moron" as a family name.. take the initials... a moron.. end of the joke.. antoine
  3. i am also a member ( and finally i ll have two weeks just for myself !! i havent started my skydiving season yet which is like 6 months late... i would be really happy to host any skydivers that come to paris and we could go jumping together in the weekend. there is some really cool dz outside paris with lot of grass to swoop on.... blue skies to all csers and dzers... antoine
  4. I was 6 years old at that time and i was using plane for the first time of my life.. i will always remember this moment.. plane taking off.. the speed.. couple of hours passed on until my dad managed a breakthrough to the cockpit. i just asked to my dad when do we jump? which made him laugh but the pilots too.. guess years after i finally went on to live this dream.
  5. superyami

    Cedps Peronne

    just went there over the past weekend. 9 jumps overall and too good. been dropped using gps, been freeflying with some new guys. just get there before it closed. last 3 weekends of november are available for jumping from now on. c ya
  6. well i have to say, nice dropzone. we did have very sunnny weekends except one till 2 months. if you really want to jump, this is the place to go... even though if you are a student on static line, you might find your time very very boring.. if you get grounded for a .3 knot off limit. but keep faith and you might graduate after a couple of good weekends.. my full respect to the staff who is really dedicated to the sport and their members and striving year after year to bring even more to it.. when will we get a swimming pool?? sincerely...
  7. hi ya.. kind of hello fro united kingdom... need to find not only an helmet but also a good wide angle lense for my pc 100... thanks for letting me know on [email protected]
  8. I started there in 1999 on static line when it was just a couple of prefab building and single operated by already OJB and zaza ! It went on developping and trust me when I say this place feels like home every time I got the chance to go there ! In summer there is lots to be done, loads organising are qualitative with international class coaches. definitely the place to go if you are not far !