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  1. Adidas A136... they have a GREAT strap and you can get inserts to place on the inside (like glasses within your glasses) i used them until i got the laser treatment... great product and i still use the glasses without the inserts now too Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  2. is there anyone out there with some experience flying HP (preferably Katana 170) canopies/ or any other large HP canopies... could you please pm me? i have some questions i would like to put forward... thanks a million dale Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  3. K... firstly, IM NOT CLAIMING anything... 2ndly... i have not had this "you will kill yourself" conversation with anyone as i am yet to purchase any canopy (although i would like a katana) i have 210 jumps only... im half way to losing my goal weight... the katana would be loaded at 1.4 (WHEN(not if)) i reach my goal weight... but once again... this is not about me... i was using myself as an example only i read a large deal of these posts (not necessarily this forum) with people being "put down" so to speak... in saying that... i would like to thank Skybytch, Dreweckhardt and Pchapman for their responses... that was more of what i was looking for... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  4. thats why i suggest, tell them the dangers involved and let them make up their own mind... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  5. i can only do so much... if i have given my opinion/advice, and you choose not to listen and go to another dz... i wont stop you... everyone who jumps has the ability to make decisions... whether they are good or bad, is only our opinions... if they take my advice, good on them, and we will probably turn out to be best of mates later on down the line... if not, then that is their decision and i have done what i can, short of begging... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  6. if they want to jump at another dz... let them... its not your or my dz that will be in the headlines if the shite hits the fan... the responsibility is out of your hands... or, advise the other dz of the intentions... but i understand what you are saying... had a similar issue as you have mentioned at a dz... problem was that they would have to travel for and extra hour and decided to stay... hehe... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  7. howzit folks... i have a question... why are people using the "Scare" tactic to try and get others to be safer? the more someone tells me not to do something, the more i would like to do it... its just not working! the place you notice it the most is with regards to canopies and downsizing and stuff like that... the "you-will-kill-yourself"/"see-you-in-the-incidents-forum" speech annoys the hell out of me. i brought this up to try and find out what other methods would work... my theory: warn them of the dangers (use personal accounts or experiences if possible) and explain it in detail of what could happen. if they choose not to listen, then atleast you have warned them and its out of your hands. If they are downsizing too much... set goals for them to acheive first(goals with original canopy before downsizing) (and i dont mean 500 jumps in 3 years type of thing), like 20 jumps within the next 2 months, and goals like landing in a designated area (accuracy), cross-wind/downwind landings... if they demonstrate good skills with setup, and they complete those required tasks with no issues, and it happens to be at jump #200 instead of 500 as 'the canopy chart' suggests, then good on them, and they should be able to downsize one down. NO going from a 190 to a 150 or less without skipping a step... Positivity and encouragement is the key... to within your capabilities of course "What are my capabilites?" ask your instructor/mentor on advice. I fly a 190 Pilot with a W/L of 1.5 (big boy) and have done so for the last year and a bit. I am confident (not arrogant) in my abilities under canopy. I am comfortable in winds/no wind, crosswind/downwind landings, and i land no my feet within the area i have chosen. i should be told of the dangers/risks invlolved if i wanted to go from a 190 to a 170. My personal situation at the moment is that i would load a 170 at 1.6 or so. That puts me out of my comfort zone more than what i would like. so i will lose 40 lbs to bring that W/L down to 1.4, which would be less than my current W/L the fact that i would be willing to lose 40 lbs should surely, among other things, prove that i am no idiot and that i have thought this through/done my homework and will not be doing anything stupid... Negativity is a crap tool and i believe its use in the skydiving community is not needed and should not be used... "I want to downsize Mr DZSO" "Ok, little Timmy, i dont think that you are ready for it, BUT here are some drills/tasks/exercises i would like to see you complete first""Complete them with no issues and then we can try one size down" "I want to downsize Mr DZSO""Ok little Timmy. I have seen you fly and you are competent""Lets try one size down" thanks for listening As humans, we seek more. More challenges, risks and rewards... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  8. the slider tucked behind my head prevents me from looking up to a certain extent... i can barely see the rear of the canopy as the slider restricts my movement... that would be it really... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  9. legend... thanks a million Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  10. Hi folks... was hoping someone could point me in the direction of slider specifications for a Katana 170... was curious about a detachable slider and then also a regular one... any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks dale Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  11. i appreciate the advice and the concern gents... but in saying that... im not going to downsize tomorrow, if you know what i mean... am trying to do some research now and improve my knowledge and skills about whats out there first... will only be going to a smaller canopy in about 150-200 jumps... appreciate the concern though... and i will definitely try and contact Ward...
  12. Hi folks... im looking at getting another rig and the mirage is whats grabbing my attention of late... i currently own (and love) an Icon, but it seems as though tons of folk are having problem with customer service... Basically i would like to find out if there is any truth to the rumour that the G3 is "longer but slimmer" in design vs the G4 which is said to be "Shorter but fatter"??? i have read the differences between the rigs on the Mirage website but thats not exactly what i was looking for. im a big boy (6'4" and about 280lbs with gear) and have some shoulder flexibility issues due to previous non skydive related injuries, and i dont (cant) want to have to reach half way up my back for a PC come pull time... im looking at getting a 170 main with a 190 reserve in there if anyone needs to know... any help/opinion/advice would be greatly appreciated... thanks dale Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  13. i have never done a tandem yet but i would say that everyone pretty much has the nausea thing downpact... the legs and that would be from the harness as someone mentioned and i would think that the chest strap to the throat would be due to the harness too big or something... as for the arms getting pins and needles... you are lifting your arms above your heart usually, which makes it harder to get a constant blood flow to them... hence pins and needles well thats what i would say anyways... fast blue ones Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  14. perhaps 200 jumps for a coach rating and 500 for instructor/tandem? i got my licence in South Africa, so if there are any Saffas reading this, correct me if im wrong but for us it is 75 stable freefall descents for a B-licence... i would personally prefer someone with experience teaching me. In saying that, i would definitely not frown upon any advice given. im always open to new advice and ideas... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!
  15. try wiley-x... they are pretty good too... besides that, i used the adidas A136's with inserts... they seemed to do the trick... Take it easy... and if you get it easy, take it TWICE!