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  1. Thanks again for the replies.. I guess the only way to experience problems is to actually experience them and act accordingly.. Maybe I need to get fitter to improve body circulation... Still if I didn't ask I would never know.. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the replies...answers my questions...
  3. Hi all, yep i,m a newbie..yay I took part in a tandem skydive yesterday and an awesome experience it was however I did have a few issues which I wonder if someone could clear up... My free fall was superb but once under canopy the strap across my chest was at the bottom of my throat and just about cutting into my wind pipe, my instructor did loosen it off which improved things, but is that right? Then I began to feel a bit queezie, I hadn't eaten or drank anything for hours, is this a one off or not?? The instructor was very helpful through-out so he did all he could do for me, thought I had better mention that...He was great.. He gave me the steering toggles to steer the parachute and after a few seconds my arms started with pins and needles and he had to take them off me...gutted, why did this happen??? And lastly after the jump my throat and back of my nose was sore, why is this and can it be avoided.. Sorry for so much.. Mustang34