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  1. Thanks to who started this post, this is a real issue and no one wants to deal with long inaccurate lead times and poor customer service. As of last month Phoenix-Fly had appointed Leading Edge Gear (managed by Adam Foster & Owen Searls), to lead the US market as the Senior Dealers. These two issues are our first priority. We are reestablishing a dealer-network and are in communication with the PF Factory weekly to give customers up to date information on the statues of their order. We also reply to all messages by email or phone within 0-4 hours of receiving them. We do our absolute best to help get you your suit as fast as we can and if not let you know exactly where is it in the line up. PF makes the best suits on the market and we are currently working to make the entire ordering process a lot more painless. Please contact with any questions regarding this change or if you have a current order you would like information about. Look forward to jumping with you all soon. Leading Edge Management
  2. Yeah thats kinda what i was thinking, thanks for the info, i guess ill just have to hope i have a right shaped face and test it out.
  3. I have around a 100 jumps and am starting to get my own gear and move away from all the rental/first time gear. Because im a vain person and want to look cool as i jump i would like to get Gator sunglasses instead of using the clear standard goggles,lol. the only problem with this is that i wear contacts. Ive asked around my DZ but havent really heard of anyone who jumps in glasses and wears contacts....just wondering if anyone out there has had any luck with this or has any alternatives i could try. Thanks.