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  1. To be honest...he hate it, but he love the push ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  2. After his psychology test, his special permit, he got already lessons in airplane, helicopter, a bit in the tunnel, 200 jumps within the last year and some of the best instructors of the world (special thanks to Wendy Smith) whole familiy in the sky
  3. at least, Toni enjoyed the purest art of flying... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CHLuWM8l1c When it is legal for him to watch porn movies, he'll be already four years in wingsuits ...and he'll participate WoM 2010! Good luck! ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  4. Model turbines doesn't work at high altitudes, even at 5000ft they sometimes won't start properly. The mechanics worldwide discovered nasty stuff with rockets, even 50 years after they collected sience results. Challenger disaster and many more. Btw it's a monopropellant ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  5. 110 lbs of thrust with genuine propulsion rocket = 2.4 kg rocket + 800 g frame + 600 g valves and pipes + 500 g 1.5 l bottle + 200 g lipo + 1100 ml H²O² = 18 sec full thrust That thing in a wingsuit BM S3 about 360 HP to handle is the only problem, because it's scary stuff... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrBbT-uMbI8 ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  6. Thanks for this precise description! A nice example for what I expected. It would be nice to have more infos like this from other countries, but it seems like the wingsuiter of this forum doesn't travel a lot or just not interested in the rules of others Come on guys, that can't be all... ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  7. It will be interesting to know which regulations set in non-USPA related countries about the numbers of skydives before getting into wingsuits. Who knows from: Russia Hungary China South America Mexico New Zealand Australia Japan or other countries special regulations??? Please let us know Thanks
  8. The complete report about the successful weekend and some nice pics you'll find here
  9. 1. Benedikt 2. Costyn 3. Jarno 4. Tobi 5. Helmut 6. Guido 7. Regine 8. Lucky 9. Danni 10. Tony 11. Hans 12. Martina 13. Mathias 14. Klaus 15. Jimmy ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  10. I know what you mean... After you've talked to him, he didn't take it very serious but later he understood and agreed with you Now the system is convertible to different suits and maybe, if everything works fine, I will also jump it this season: That will be the first "Rocket-Bitch" ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  11. Yes, this stuff is dangerous. Recover well and practice only soft sex, not your favourite hard core stuff ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  12. This year it will be possible to do some pics of the VegaV3 rocket jump at Wings over Marl. After a short briefing and a proof of your experience you can go on the same load to do some shots close by while the Jester launch the rocket! ...cu for the purest "and craziest" art of flying! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrBbT-uMbI8 ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  13. 1. Deniq 2. Hagen 3. Benedikt 4. Costyn 5. Jarno 6. Tobi 7. Helmut 8. Guido 9. Regine 10.Lucky 11.Danni ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  14. serious follow master Jarno's advise... if I would ask somebody, for sure it will be Jarno personaly I prefer the first one... only the second one seems as good to me - what do you think Jarno? ...your mother... www.pralle-zeiten.de
  15. I think, I'll follow your advise: I give up now!