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  1. BEER!! I hope to be there for a 3rd year. Its always fun. I'd be happy to jump with you too. I'll be the tall goofy dude in red/black. SkydiveKC.com
  2. Hello!! Welcome to Kansas City!! I live in Blue Springs and jump at SkydiveKC in Butler, MO. Its the DZ that is closest with the most direct route in town. Just take 52 to 435 down to 71 and 45 min later, boom, you're jumpin. (sort of) We have jumpers that drive from St. Joseph, so its worth the drive. See ya at Safety Day!! H SkydiveKC.com
  3. Fantastic!! Forecast is sunny and 48 degrees. See ya Sat!! Peace and Blue Skies!! H SkydiveKC.com
  4. Greetings all!! I'm going to the windtunnel in Denver in a couple weeks and the website says Mile-Hi is open year-round. How is the up-jumper vibe there?? Possible to get a jump or FIVE on a nice Sat/Sun afternoon? Peace and Blue Skies! H SkydiveKC.com
  5. @ MADZ - Welcome to the sport! I hope you enjoy your AFF/Student program. It only gets better from here! AND I wish the new DZ much success!! Peace and Blue Skies H SkydiveKC.com
  6. Has anyone seen the video from the hypnotist show?? That was the funniest thing I've ever seen!! One of our guys from Kansas was on the "volunteer" panel. SkydiveKC.com
  7. WOW!! ASC is the Skyride place??!! HTF are they still alive let alone still in business??!! I've actually jumped at both places and Hans and the Farm family are great peeps. One of the senior instructors is called Big Steve...like me!! SkydiveKC.com
  8. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!! I'll be there..... Look for the guy with Jayhawk on his rig and jumpsuit! THE HOLIDAY BOOGIE IN AZ is probably my favorite boogie! WTF is a Jayhawk?? And why do they eat chalk?? Sounds very gross and weird. However, there WILL be some cuddly Wildcats and Tigers to hang with....lmfao!! See ya there!! Blue Skies!! H SkydiveKC.com
  9. Anyone else planning on going to this awesome boogie? Should be a good time. SkydiveKC.com
  10. First off...glad to see that you're actually trying to get this info and not wanting to go too fast too soon. Congrats on that. I haven't personally jumped there, but Z-Hills would be an excellent winter haven for a Midwest skydiver. I know of quite a few midwesterners that go there for a month or so in the winter. Good luck! Blue Skies!! steve h SkydiveKC.com
  11. @ Amy: Well...last year you put together a fun little sumo wrestling event in the Prop. Then we took them (the suits) to the tunnel and Jason (I think) carved around in it a bit. SkydiveKC.com
  12. Detachments from Skydive Kansas and Skydive Kansas City will be there again this year. So don't be shy.... Hey don't you owe me some tunnel time?.....hehe. Head down action in the tunnel in sumo suits was super freakin sweet!! SkydiveKC.com
  13. NO WAY I'm missing this!!! SkydiveKC.com
  14. HEY!! I love her eyes....ok it was cold and all anyone could see was her eyes through her scarf(s). So, great person all around anyway. Very cool place to jump. SkydiveKC.com