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  1. You should get to Temora if you are looking for a place to do your AFF (the place is owned by the nicest couple you'll ever meet in the skydiving world), or if you are into wing-suiting (probably the only DZ where all the loads are 5way flock out of a cessna..)
  2. Being the only fun jumpers oriented DZ in Sydney area, "picton" is swarming with "funnies" on weekends. Being there for the christmas boogie is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.
  3. The owner and CI is the most enthusiast fun jumper i've ever met, and that pretty much summarise it. Make sure your timing is right, and there's no better place to be.
  4. Byron is a bit tandem-oriented dz (millions of tourists). having said that, the staff is ultra-friendly and on weekends you'll definitely get a chance to fun-jump, and the views are worth waiting for.
  5. i don't have anything to add, just to say i'm exactly at the same frustrating place, of being very comfrotable up-right and a complete mess trying to transit..good luck.
  6. no, no blood. the pain faded out after 10 hours or so. thank you anyway.
  7. hey to all. maybe one of you can help me - i experienced today, immediately after opening the chute, a sharp and strong pain just above the eyes (one eye, to be accurate). the pain lasted for many hours after i landed, causing me to feel unsure about jumping the next day. (i was in perfect shape before the jump, no cold whatsoever) is this a typical pain? what is causing it? what should i do to avoid it, and does it mean i have to take some time off? i'll appreciate any answer..