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  1. they also have a Kenya Skydivers group on facebook that looks active :) It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  2. and you know she's wearing that medal round the house today don't you! It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  3. I'm still not convinced! I think it should be MY decision to weigh up the pros and cons and use it or not, especially when in other countries / containers it's allowed. Why is it someone elses decision to say that THEY think it's more dangerous when maybe I don't , they're not the one using it! and Squeak... shush! I'm in disguise here!! It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  4. ok, but I still feel that i am significantly more likely to be involved in a nasty accident now that the AAD that i had could have avoided than now where i have none at all. I'd still like to see some statistics on the chance of the AAD not working right vs the chance of it doing it's job correctly vs the chance of a save with none installed at all! It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  5. Well then wouldn't it have made more sense during the Argus debacle o let everonye who had one keep using it? Using your example, it seems to me they went the opposite and banned seatbelts all together :) It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  6. 'tis an excellent question... As my Argus was banned by the APF and I had to take it out of my container....i'd guess i'm far more likely to have a terminal that an AAD may have prevented than have a terminal caused by the AAD in the first place. Would be interesting to see some statistics, but doubt you'd ever be able to collate any. It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  7. Dropped into the new Southern Skydivers last weekend, Glenn and Amy have recently taken over and injected a much needed shot of energy into the place. Upgrading works are in process or in the pipeline and it looks like this place will morph into a pretty sweet DZ in the coming months. Couldn't ask for a friendlier DZO, the two owners are full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm for the place and it comes across in the general vibe & feel of the DZ. a 206 and a 182 mean you get to know your fellow jumpers pretty well but the views on the way to altitude offset any plane gripes you may have. Overall a really relaxed, friendly DZ with a lot of potential. There are a few Dz's in the area and we're pretty sure wel'll be returning to Busselton quite regularly.
  8. So I tried psycho pack for my new Safire 2 as i'm a terrible packer at the best of times and it's slipping all over the shop if i try and pro pack it It all looks great apart from how the hell do you keep the thinnest part of the triangle together when you start rolling it up! I fold my triangle into 3rds and i get a nice rectangular canopy on the floor the same width of the bag. But when i start to roll it towards the slider the 'point' of the triangle all starts to spread out, ends up about the same width as the bag and my slider starts poking out to say hello. It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  9. Hi, I've done a forum search and see lots of older questions on this sort of thing but not my specific query. I'm about to move to Australia with work and was about to replace my broken CX100 before I move as it's cheaper here in the US. If I'm using exclusively HDMI to connect my camera to an HD TV, does it matter that it's NTSC and my new Australian TV will be PAL or is that stuff all obselete now that flat panel HD tv's are the norm? Same goes for my US playstation, i use HDMI to connect it to my TV, will it still work with an Australian HD LCD TV after i sort out the voltage issues? It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  10. Went to Swakopmund for the desert boogie 2010 / 2011. Fantastic Dz, great facilities with a proper bar / pool / restaurant /air conditioned packing area. VERY friendly people and a great vibe. Planning to return next year!
  11. I have a UPT stowless bag and like it a lot, i've put about 50 jumps on it since I installed the bag with no problems at all. Last weekend however...I had a packer pack it, I watched her do it and it seemed fine but when i deployed it slammed open (hardest opening i've ever had on my canopy) and ended up with a spinning lineover and a reserve ride. I do remember watching her uncollapse and quarter the slider etc properly but I'm wondering if the way she stowed the lines and they come out of the bag had anything to do with it. As there are 2 rubber bands to keep the canopy in the bag until the lines are out of the 'flap' i don't see how it could have opened out of sequence, unless the lines got snagged somewhere. I also remember her saying 'you don't have a lot of excess here' when she was putting the bag in the container but it didn't look too different to the way I do it. I'm trying to ascertain the cause (if that's possible) to avoid it happening again. Normally I bungee the 2 stows as normal and then figure of eight the rest of the lines on the side of the bag (about 3 lots of 8 on top of each other), fold the flap over and that's it. Any ideas?? It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  12. I only mess with it for fun so I don't want to buy a stills camera i'd never use for anything else. Is there no difference between a 7mp and 3mp capability on them? Same reason dont really want a GoPro, as I do use my video camera for other things. It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  13. I suppose, but that's only a 3mp stills capeability, thats worse than my cx100 was! Damn backwards progression! It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  14. So if your 2 yr old, just for fun CX-100 with hypeye extention / biteswitch for stills had just taken a crap and was going to cost $220 to repair... what would you replace it with? CX160 / CX360 / PJ30V soo many options!! It's not the speed that kills ya, it's the sudden stops!
  15. Jumped here a a few times during a trip to S.Africa. Fun friendly staff with lots of advice and help. 3 Cessnas so even thought they are mainly a tandem DZ we got loads in as there was 4 of us and they put up a 182 just for us. Weather gets a bit hairy in the afternoons but the landing area is big and sandy so we could still jump. Good cafe for food & drinks but no bunkhouse / showers etc.