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  1. Federal Aviation Transportation Airport Security Service They Should wear it on the back of there shirts. F.A.T.A.S.S.
  2. with a parachute involved they want the aircraft pilot. With a paraglider they have to call you the Ultralight pilot so they can get you in trouble....
  3. I remember reading in the FARs a sport jumper must have a single harness dual parachute system to jump from an aircraft, however I do not recall the FARs saying that you were not allowed to use both. How do you know if it works if you don´t try it?
  4. WUZzzz UPPPP. Dan are you still down that way. I am 1 hr south of mexico city, maybe a long hop but with the way you travel maybe you could get up to cuautla and hang out a few day. I will be in Puerto Escindido, Mexico from december 27th - Jan 4th maybe you could catch me there. The web site for the DZ here is SEE YA CHAD
  5. Jumps are primarily weekends, sometimes on weekdays but weekday jumping is not consistant. this week there should be a few otter loads on thurs and friday, exit altitude is 12 - 12.5 above ground (due to field elevation) come check out sky cuautla. Chad
  6. Paradise in Mexico! Skydive Cuautla is sending the Otter to the end of the year boogie in Puerto Escondido Mexico. Lots of freeflying, Lots of RW. Jumps take place on several beaches. Land at playa de Bacocha (Bacocha Beach) walk up uder the palm trees and pack in the shade. Jump at Playa de Zecatela and walk up to a small cafe for breakfast or lunch. catch a taxi back to Bacocha for $2 and grab the next load to altitude. This is a true vaction type boogie located in a quite, paradise style part of mexico. December 27th - January 4th Just show up and jump or check out a package available at
  7. Good balance here between freeflyers and belly flyers. You may even find that you have met some of the local divers while in the US at various DZs. Chicago's Otter is rocking this place. Most jumping here is on Saturday and Sunday. Some jumps on weekdays but best to call for weekday jumping. Bring your rig hoser!
  8. Just arrived down here almost 2 weeks ago with one of Skydive Chicago's Super Otters. Cuautla will be hosting one of the Chicago Super Otters until the end of April 2003. If you want to do something differen't this winter come check out this DZ. The DZ is located in a wide open valley surrounded Volcanoes and mountains. Mexico City and so much more is within an hour away. Taxis and Busses are so cheap it is practically free to get around. Hope to catch up with some old friends and meet some new faces while I am down here. Chad P.S. Plenty of Mexican food to go around.
  9. Wonder if they have some of them twin engine skeeters. Skeeters around here bite 13,500 people in under ten minutes.