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  1. Zak

    Mirage G4

    These conainers are the best in the biz. they get to you quicker than any others and if you need an adjustment they will fix it quick and do a great job.
  2. What's up Ramon? remember me? i lived at spaceland a few years ago. I had a classic and about 70 bm jumps. i've also jumped the gti and on two ways where i had a borrowed classic and a custom fitted newer bm flyer had a gti, 10-20 jumps at the time, and i could fly with him flying at 100% of what he could I could fly at 50% of my ability so it is all relative you gould buy the more experienced suit and i think it will take you more jumps to figure it out. trent had that suit, it was red with black wings, call him see if he's still got it.
  3. Hey So Mid June i was flying back to the DZ after a totally normal Tandem Video the spot was long so I started to head toward our DZ's biggest out a large unused farm field at least 10 times the size of our DZ's landing area I came up short and had to land in a small field across the street i did a rear riser 30 deg turn to land going with the legnth of the field (i noticed that there were power liner along the edge of the road and along the opposite side of the field) at 30 ft above the ground i hit a guide wire running 200+ ft across the field and fell to the ground breaking 6 vertabrea in my back. I'm healing well and thinking of jumping in a month or so. when i hit the groung my cannon rebel 2000 with a 24mm lens was squashed like a bug computer guts hanging out and such. IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW HAS A CAMERA LIKE THIS IN WORKING CONDITION AND YOU/THEY DON'T USE IT I NEED TO BUY ONE. I HAVEN'T BEEN WORKING FOR THE $$$$ OF THE SUMMER SO THE CHEAPER THE BETTER. BLUE SKIES ZAK ATTACHED IS A PHOTO OF ME AT WORK LOAD ORGANIZING A RESPECTABLE HYBRID (I WAS ON THIS LOAD AT FL SKYDIVING CENTER WHICH WAS BACK TO BACK WITH AN AFF L3) I'M IN GREY/WHITE HD on the left
  4. Zak

    PD's new canopy?

    Actually you are partially correct i was talking to a PD employee at a recent PD demo day and she said they are testing it at an "undisclosed' location because it is going to blow crossbraced canopies out of the water. For others info these canopies (crossbraced or "higher performance" when they are released) are for people who live in this sport and in there harness as well people who are doing 1000 jumps every year NOT weekend warriors also the velocity is NOT winning every event it is neck and neck with the VX in every event so releasing a conopy superior to both is in their interest as icarus' team won't be able to compete
  5. Zak

    PD's new canopy?

    has anyone heard more i heard that PD is devloping a new canopy to top the velocity in performance know anything
  6. buy a matter suit I have had 7 custom made jumpsuits I work in skydiving and can really put a suit through some abuse tony suits & firefly suits fall apart, flite suit is ok if they get your measurements right just spend the $ get a matter suit and it will last you for ever exact fit down to the millimeter quick service i had my suit in 2-3 weeks and the suit rocks check them out at
  7. Has anyone tried to atteah a bonehead cameratopper to a Nvertigo size medium helmet if so let me know if this can be done to get a snag free finish curious skydiver
  8. Zak

    risers too long?

    I have 18" risers on my rig and i would like to trade them for 20" ones they are in perfect condition is there anyone out there that wants to trade. contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone at 863 605 0040
  9. I've had a bag lock as well. Here's the explanation of my mal: 1. I was given "super bands" by my rigger upon purchasing a new rig. 2. First jump on the new rig was first load on a Saturday morning. I was in a rush hooking up my canopy to the new risers, a non-packer put the rubber bands on the d-bag (Mirage G3). The bands were put on very close together. Upon rotating the bag inside the container. The bag lock was caused by the last two stows on the top of the bag on one side. One of these stows passed inside the other stow, neither of the rubber bands broke. There I was standing up looking at a bag lock! Hope this helps.
  10. Zak

    Xaos Slider?

    One is an 84 made in August 2001 and the other is a 79 made in October 2000.
  11. Zak

    Xaos Slider?

    Does anybody have a used Xaos slider that they want to get rid of? I have 2 FXs and get hard openings every once in a while! I've heard that the brass grommets on the Xaos slider will help contribute to softer openings. If so, please email me at [email protected]
  12. Does anyone remember an alti mount called the "Wrist Wrap"? I believe they were sold for a time through Pier Ltd at the Ranch. They also used to have an ad in Parachutist every month. Haven't seen any ads lately and would like to get one. Any information would help. Blue skies, Zak