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  1. Anybody know of anything available? I usually fly skydivers in the summer but not having any luck on flying jobs down here. So I'm looking for any job. Anyone down here? PM me!!
  2. Does anybody know where I can get a lineset for a Griffin 170 manufactured in '96 and '97?
  3. Horse Shit on the variable change Let me tell you how my brain does math. Once "B" is eliminated you divy up its 33% between the remaining two rigs. Regardless that you already picked "A", you still have a choice between one of two rigs. To me it doesn't matter that you already "picked" it. Variable change my ass........I'll punch that Einstein prick right in the kidney if I ever see him. Heheh.
  4. Chizazz

    i need help

    It's pretty easy to do in Microsoft Paint if you have that on your work computer
  5. All I know is that black holes are formed by Red Matter and that pissed off Romulans go through them.
  6. Or a 1 with a googol number of zeroes behind it is a googolplex. Would that number be greater than all the atoms in the universe??? Maybeeee. I found a website that says it's estimated that there are between 10 to the 78 and 10 to the 81 atoms in the universe. That's not even a googol atoms. Much less a googolplexxxxx.
  7. Or a 1 with a googol number of zeroes behind it is a googolplex.
  8. If you send meeee a bottle of bamboo moisturizer I'll say thank you This mountain air is drying the hell out of the back of my hands.
  9. He obviously means THIS Rocketman....
  10. lol that happened to me too. 7:41 Pacific time and I found out that Russell didn't win. Lamee.
  11. lol. I watched like 4/7 of the videos. It's all totally true too.