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  1. Flicking this weekend in Green Bay area. Call my cell: 608.209.3464 Matt
  2. Work trip in Mauii Feb 2nd through the 10th. Should I bring the rigs? Any info would be very much appreciated. Regards Matt - BASE 734 Email: [email protected] Cell: 608.209.3464
  3. I will be in Vegas this weekend with rig. Anybody around? Thanks, Matt BASE 734 Cell: 608.209.3464
  4. This is exactly why I only read the first post on any thread on dz.com....are you really picking apart a stat a fellow jumper gave the press after watching his friend burn in???? Fly free Brotha...
  5. Is this the same Brit who has the world's brightest BASE canopy???? I'm not a Brit, but I'll be there....with some Swiss Cheese. Give me a call or shoot me an email: [email protected] Cell:608.209.3464
  6. Easy there Mr. Donkey Kong.... plenty of locals.... Give me a call Matt 608.209.3464