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  1. I can't find the fusion on the 2k composites website....
  2. what's the switching mode, and is this a firmware issue that sony could solve by updating firmware? Mike
  3. Awesome! When do you think the box will be available? Mike
  4. I thought there was no possibility of fitting a remote with this camera... even better.
  5. NICE!! Please let us know how the testing goes! I'd be especially interested in knowing if the camera has shake issues similar to the cx7 while freeflying if thats not to big of a problem for you.. If everything works fine you already have a customer!
  6. Thanks for your answers guys! I guess I'll be getting the XSi because I will use it for more than skydiving... Thanks again, Mike
  7. If you were buying a new camera for skydiving now would you rather get the new Rebel XSi or the old XTi (because you know it's reliable)?
  8. Hi, I have a PAL PC 1000 with a cookie 0.29 WA. Camera settings: manual focus, steadyshot off. I checked that the zoom was full out (wide) before the Skydive. Now here is my problem: Whenever I watch the video at the DZ with the camera connected directly to the TV set I don't notice anything out of the ordinary with the video. But when I come home and Import the file into Final Cut Express the video seems to be shaking in a similar way to the CX-7 shaking posted here in the forums. Also after capuring the video FCE gives a warning that my audio sample rate does not match the sample rate on my source tape. I used easy setup for FCE and chose Format: PAL Use DV:PAL. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I can do to find out where the problem is? Thanks for your help! Mike
  9. What a useful post! I found out myself The blurring occurs when I activate the beach& sky Program AE setting. Why? I don't know...
  10. I just found out that when I activate the "Easy" mode. I works all of a sudden.. That makes me feel stupid somehow... There must be a specific setting in the "pro" mode that I don't know about... Any Ideas?
  11. Hi, my Autofocus stops working whenever I attach my wide angle lens to the camera. The picture gets all blurry.. It used to work fine. I'd autofocus onto an object which was 6ft away and then switch to manual focus for the skydive.. Without the WA the autofocus works fine.. Can anyone help me with this one? And btw: my first Skydiving Video !!!
  12. Hi, I have several questions concerning the cx-7! 1. In your opinion: has the CX-7 proven to be reliable when you used it? 2. Is it possible to live- edit onto DVD at the DZ? 3. Is anyboby side mounting the cx-7, and what are your experiences? 4. Is anybody topmounting the cx-7, and using the fixed angle for both freefly and tandems- how is that working out for you? 5. I'm thinking about using a side mount and an xshut system, does anyone have experience with the 20° variable angle settings? Do they work out fine for filming freefly/tandems? Feel free to tell me to use the "search" again in case I missed something.. Mike
  13. Thanks for the answers.. Which distance do you guys use to focus it? If I select manual focus and select an object around 2m away, everything in the distance gets a bit out of focus.. Btw a friend told me an easier way to focus ithe pc 1000 .. select autofocus and let the autofocus focus on the object which is in the desired range, then while still aiming at the object switch to maual focus... and it will keep that focus... I'm still not too sure about the proper distance to focus on though... Thanks for the AE settings..
  14. Acoisa

    Tatto idea

    I'd go for an "If I ever stop skydiving call me Ass" Tattoo on my butt..
  15. Hi, what settings do you use for your PC1000 concerning the following items: 1. Autofocus (if manual: which setting) 2. Exposure 3. Program AE 4. Any other settings you think are important.. Thanks for the Help..
  16. Usually the screen has an attached pin that triggers the LCD On/OFF Function. Normally the pins are really easy to rasp off..
  17. hmmm.. the link.... Let's see- where did I put that Link.... Sorry, can't find it. - Try Google!
  18. Just saw it on Internet TV.. What an awesome landing! I always thought he would kill himself trying, but he pulled it off! Respect!
  19. Hi, I might be going to Florida in April and was wondering what the weather's usually like in April... Btw. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on a small RV for 2 weeks? Thanks, Mike
  20. Sure, you can tell your instructor, but it won't make any difference... Chill out, do your AFF, hang out around the DZ a lot and you'll eventually meet some BASE jumpers. I've done the same and some friends took me to Lauterbrunnen last year so I could check out the exit points, watch them pack, watch them jump, party and talk about BASE. I didn't jump- I didn't want to, because I don't consider myself to be ready yet.. (and I don't think they woud've let me). I really enjoyed the trip though and learned a lot. Meanwhile concentrate on AFF and Skydiving- which is totally awesome! Jump the standard equipment, you can still start jumpin the old BASE canopy a couple of months before you know that you'll be doing a FJC..