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  1. Hi, I've seen a few people attach their GoPro to the shoulder harness of their rigs with thick rubber bands. Has anyone else seen this who can tell me how to properly attach the gopro so it won't fall off? (maybe there's even some video footage)
  2. The cage is really cool. It's excellent quality and I have it side mounted with the hypeye connected. Works like a charm! Have fun with the cage! Mike
  3. Hi Jarno, Thanks. I just downloaded streamclip, and saved my clip as a .mov but I still have the same problem.. Is that what you meant: "save as" and then choose .mov?
  4. Hi, Whenever I try to import my GoPro r3 footage in FCP7 I get an error Message: "unkown Error". My Import settings are 720p60, I tried both HDV and HDV Apple ProRes 422. Has anyone had or heard of this problem?
  5. I use the packaging mount that the Go Pro is mounted on when you get it. It is slightly curved and has a long hole on either side - perfect for your shoe laces and mounting the camera on your shoes.
  6. I returned it ;) I got it to work with the WVGA setting on the GoPro.. I wish it would work with 720p though.
  7. So I wanna debrief students with GoPro Footage using my new iPad ;) I don't have the camera connection kit yet but I tried importing videos into the iPad with IPhoto.. that worked with normal .mp4 files but not with the .mp4 from the Gopro. The iPad supports 720p with 30fps. I used that setting in the goPro (r2). But Itunes won't let me import the file. The Error Message was: The Video was not copied to the iPad because it cannot be played on the iPad. Here are the specs of the two videos I tried to upload to the Ipad. The first one worked the second one (GoPro) didn't. Random .mp4 skydiving video: Dimensions: 320x240 Codecs: MPEG-4 Video, AAC, MPEG-4 SDSM, MPEG-4 ODSM, Hint Audio Channels: 2 Total Bit Rate: 750 GoPro Video: Dimensions: 1280×720 (note: 30fps) Codecs: H.264, AAC Audio Channels: 2 Total Bit Rate: 8.342 Does anyone know what the issue is? Anyone?, Anyone? DSE? ;)
  8. 112109 + 667 = 112776 216+0 = 216 112776/ 216 = 522,1
  9. Does anyone know if blackeye lenses are sold in the US, and how they compare to other ultra wide lenses qualitywise!
  10. Hey guys, 5000 people need to join this FB Group till Dec 31st and this guy will have to ice skate over a lake naked.. If it's not possible to get 5000 people to join, he gets 3 cases of beer.. There will be video, so join up! :)
  11. Oh and his 6 buddies all survive a no slider jump with no toggles,no flare and no PLF...
  12. Yup .. just did.. Talked to friends, received a PM and got a mail from UPT. They all said it would fit but it will be tight..
  13. Hey Guys, I'm putting together an event at my DZ next year where the goal is to have some awesome days doing all kinds of senseless, stupid fun jumps ( zoo dives, hoop dives, etc )and contests. I'm trying to get some ideas together so that it will be a super wicked weekend!! If you have any crazy Ideas please post away!! ....Oh yeah and how does the contest with landing, cutting away, doing the 10 turns around the pole, doing the waterslide etc. work?
  14. The chart says that it will fit a 111 velo (tight) which is crossbraced, that's why I thought it might fit... but i really have no idea.. that's why I'm asking..