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  1. Hi Jerry, Thanks for the info. Looks like I got an original! If I jump it again I will post some pics. There should be still pics somewhere from 05 when I jumped it, see if I can dig them up. If anyone is interested in the canopy, Ill swap it for something triangular for my collection R
  2. Just found some footage online from 1965 us army team. My PC looks like the one in the photo attached. Same one?
  3. Hi Jerry, Found the canopy See attached pics Maybe you can ID this canopy. It is a PC MK1 from March 1965. Canopy colours; panel 1-2-22-23-24(data panel) gold Rest black. Apex gold. Stabilizers gold I could not find any real difference between the fabric from the apex and the rest of the canopy. Is there a way of checking this? The sleeve; Sleeve says its for a PC MK2 for the US Army parachute team. (pic1) I got this canopy from England about 12 years ago. Done 1 jump with it, flies great. Does any one got maybe more info about this canopy? Cheers
  4. Looks the same as the 1965 PC MK1 I got. Black and gold and it had Golden Knights printed on the sleeve. Need more info to know for sure.
  5. Why not put some new 3 ring risers on the pc and put it in a modern rig? Usually a student rig or accuracy rig is big enough. Ive got about 50-60 jumps on my pc in the last 10 years. All jumps are done with a modern container with 3rings and a square reserve. :)
  6. Thanks for that, that will get me started!
  7. Hmm, USPA = USA What about Europe, Russia Asia etc?
  8. Hello all, I am doing some research for a little business plan I got. Does anyone know how big skydiving is worldwide? I have been trying to get totals, but no luck so far. I would like to know the following numbers worldwide; Dropzones (1264 Skydivers? Riggers? Manufactures? Cheers
  9. Nothing wrong with PC's!!! One of the best things with them is the silence after a free fall. (only roundy jumpers will know this feeling) They still can be jumped safe. I had one of mine setup in a old Talon container, 3 ring setup and a x228 reserve (Yes a square:)) Had to retire the container last year So now I got 2 pc's MKI that I can't jump If any one knows any containers for sale, let me know. I'm looking for a container with plenty of live left and a 300sqft main container. These things are blody hard to find now days. GO THE OLD STUFF!!! And Maggot, thanks for the pc manual I bought of you from ebay. it has been a great help!!
  10. I got my Australian E licence accuracy jumps with my Para-commander. Anybody else still jumping a pc's?