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  1. I started jumping in Vegas in the 90's, so this sounds vaguely familiar
  2. Yep. Ultimatums and relationships don't go well together, so she was foolish to give one. I had 500 jumps early in life before I met my wife (I wasn't actively jumping anymore), and I started back up last year. Her biggest concern is the time it takes, so I compromise by only jumping two days a month. I also try to give her equal time to do what she wants.
  3. Of course no one likes to think anything bad will happen to them, it's still important to think about. As far as the financial issues, I have two insurance policies on myself, money in the bank and retirement accounts, and no debt except a small mortgage. For everyday support, my wife's parents are retired and help with our son right now. My parents are retired and are waiting for a new house to be build near us to move down. They all love my wife and son, and our parents have been close friends since they all went to college together 40 years ago. My biggest worry here is hurting myself really bad (i.e. vegetable, paralyzed, etc.), but otherwise I feel pretty comfortable that my family would be taken care of.
  4. I actually did a seach on it here before posting, but not on your site. Where is it on your site? I tried searching under "wing", but didn't find it.
  5. Actually, the wing is a storage compartment as well.
  6. How about a real strap-on wing Stealth Wings
  7. Good: Brenda @ Rigging Innovations Art @ The Skydive Store Linda @ Bonehead Composites Mike @ Michigan Suits
  8. Nice. Is the tricky part that you can't finish your flare with the toggles? Otherwise, I've seen jumpers turn 180 and back before. Forgive my swooping freestyle ignorance, because that's 1000% harder than any landing I could do.
  9. See here I just bought another new canopy last month, and it's been a breeze packing. I guess it's all in the technique
  10. The reason I like HMA is because it doesn't shrink up like spectra and change the canopy's trim. I've been a little concerned about tension knots though, because I often have to clear tangles when I walk my lines up to flake the canopy. That's not to say I didn't have to with spectra, it's just the lines and tangles seem to stick together more.
  11. That's a scary a** picture, and I'm glad you came out of that OK! There was a fatality recently due to the same circumstances, but the jumper tried to cut through the bridle of his main PC before going for his reserve. Also, RSL's are generally considered to be a bad idea while jumping camera, due to the possible snag hazards. If you haven't already, I'd recommend doing a seach on the subject.