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  1. Yes, it is hard to make out on the straps, but I believe it does say: JAYVAL CO NEW MEX Hopefully the attached photos to this forum will help. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Thanks for downloading and posting these photos for me. If this was used by the Army Team rig, why would they want to use a chute colored black and gold?
  3. First, I'd like to say thanks for the help. I have been trying to locate the data panel on the skirt, but not have had any luck. The only numbers printed are on the chute were: each square of fabric (5, 5A...) of the Gold top half. On the back straps, which are hard to mark out, it reads: PT.NO. 50C6860-3(I believe the last number is a 3, but could be an 8). MYVAL CO NEW MDJ Sorry, this is all I could find. Is there away to upload larger photos to this forum?
  4. Hello, I am not a skydiver, but I was pointed into this direction (website) by a skydiver to get information. I purchased a Irvin air chute from an auction awhile ago with plans to use it for idea. I never used it for the idea. After researching this chute, I'm having trouble identifying and determining if it has value. Any consultation would be greatly appreciated. The chute is gold and black, the pack is military and there are two smaller chutes stamped with dates 1956 and 1957 and model MA-1. I can not included photos because the forum will only let me do 1 mb. Thank you for any help.