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  1. somebody says the better thing is cut away before you pulling reserve ripcord in a case of PCIT. only one movement beyond view skydive fatality forum... http://www.dropzone.com/fatalities/Detailed/85.shtml only one thing must I write... check your gear before you jump.... THIS IS ONLY WHAT I MEAN and HEARD. I never use a reserve for save my life, thanx GOD!
  2. a packing time is very important for profesional packers, it´s their job. for me is considerable, if my reserve canopy will repack only in time of repack, not after an intentional cutaway
  3. I mean, this is only my opinion, a skydiver which cutting away his fully opened main canopy without 2nd reserve has mentally disturbed... for one of that reason (baglocked reserve). sorry, my English isn´t good.
  4. Hello. I saw the Speed 2000 reserve in action last year in summer. The Speed 2000 did its job fast, clean and on-heading although its saved life from a low speed partial malfunction. A jumper landed without any injuries. Used reserve: Speed 2000 size 250.