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  1. Blue Skies Brother , You Will Be Missed By All The Original Tumblefuqs . R.I.P & Keep Flying In The Sky Brother !
  2. I Don't Jump My Velo With Wingsuits ! I jump My Stiletto 150 With Wingsuits But I Want To Upsize To A Spectre 170 .
  3. Is The Spectre A Better Canopy For Wingsuits ? How About A Wing Loading Of 1.58 ? Need Help
  4. Nobody's Going To Ground Me . The DZM & Staff Know What I'm Jumping So Don't Worry About It . They Have Nothing But Trust In My Ability . I've Earned It . I Just Wish You Guys Weren't So Judgemental . I Love The Canopy & I'm Safe . I Talked To Isaiah & My DZM & I Told Them Nothing But The Truth So Thats It . Take Care !
  5. well i wasnt going to buy it till my friend let me jump his and that was it . fell in love wit and ordered it .
  6. well i ordered the velo 120 & i love it !
  7. dont get me wrong i have good range 4 a fat ass like me its just i can't get the body position angle i need on my belly to film up to a tandem . i jumped with the instructor who weighs about 130 lbs and the student which weighs about the same and i stayed in sight and i was actually floaty but its the angle that has me worried . any suggestions ?
  8. the problem with me i'm a BIG GUY !!!!!!! 280 lbs out the door .
  9. I'm Getting A Job As A Tandem Camera Guy But I'm A Big Guy & Can't Sit Fly To Get The Shot I Want Cuz I A BIG GUY So I'm Forced Into Belly With Wings ! So I Was Wondering If Any One Can Give Some Pointers On A Camera Helmet That Works For Filming Tandems On Your Belly With A Steeper Incline Than The Rawa ? Thank You
  10. would a spectre of the same wingload as my stiletto be good for wingsuits ?
  11. I'm Looking For Some Help . I'm Currently Jumping A Stiletto 150 Loaded @ 1.8 & Jumping A V2 . I Need Some Help On Which Canopy Is Good For Wing Suits .
  12. I Had A Reserve Ride In Decemeber Of 06 . I Was Jumping My Stiletto 150 Loaded @ About 1.8 Flying A V2 Wingsuit @ Pull Time My Stiletto Started Spinning Out Of Control So I Used The Cutaway & In 2 Seconds I Was Under This Beautiful Black & Silver Reserve ( Thanx Sky Hook ) . I Load My PD Reserve 143 High 1.8.8 & I Was Nervous But That Canopy Flew Like A Dream . Turned Great Got Me Back Safely To The Landing Zone & What A Sensational Flare . I've Never Buy Another Reserve Ever . Thanx PD !
  13. I have a v2 & i can fly about 3 to 4 miles on that from 13,500 & pulling @ 3500 ! the v2 is a speed & distance Monster . i pick V2 !
  14. Hey guys , i'm really no expert on head down but i managed to learn extremely fast when i had about 150 jumps . 3 things that helped me . 1 jump with people who are better than you . y because it inspires you not to suck anymore & work hard . 2 watch videos , i saw about every headdown video in & trust me it works . 3 just relax & have fun ,visualize yourself headown looking @ everything upside down . remember your body is like a dart when HD . your torso is the anchor of the dart & your arms & legs are like your feathers that guide your body . well atleast thats what someone told me . well i hope this helped !