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  1. Sent you something. hope it's what u need.
  2. And one from me girl......
  3. Yonatan, Met Sara several times and her endless smile is something that one can never forget. We'll always have her in our memories. A HUGH loss to the skydiving family. May you and the families not know more sorrow. ~N~
  4. Got my Rebel XT couple of days ago. (bought it with the kit - 18-55mm lense) as my first stills camera. played with it. read the manual. I am almost ready to go. What's now ? How do i do it Skydiving usable ? (Programs, ISO, Aparture, Shutter, Focus, Focus Lock, Mirro Lock-up , White Balance, etc') and I just wanted to bite a switch.......
  5. Got my new Katana (120), and going to place first jumps on it tomorrow. Any owners/packers got some packing tips for this one ?!? Thanks.