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  1. Time Left: 25 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    This Rhythm team canopy is in great condition! Treated with love, this is one of the canopies used to win the 2019 US National Championships! Sabre2 97 with DOM 7/17, about 400 jumps and about 10 jumps on the current lineset. [email protected]


    Fayetteville, North Carolina - US

  2. Time Left: 3 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    This container is in great condition! Just 180 jumps. Previously owned by a world and national champion! DOM 8/2018. Currently left hand throw out but we'll cover the cost of switching if needed. Buyer pays shipping.


    Sebastian, Florida - US

  3. Thanks for the referral! -Steve [email protected] 609-865-3718 Team Website:
  4. This is a great idea and I'm excited to extend this event to Skydive Chicago. Here's the info for SDC's version of the Rumble, with an application form attached. SDC’s Midwest 16 Way RUMBLE Information and Application Form What: A 16 way Invitational Formation Skydiving Event at SDC, with competition across multiple Drop Zones Where: At Skydive Chicago When: Saturday, July 31, 2010 – 7am to 7pm (Weather day Sunday, August 1, 2010 – 7am to 3:30pm) - How many Jumps: 5 Jumps - Cost: Your jumps plus a one time $25 fee - Application Due: June 23rd On July 31, 2010, SDC Rhythm XP will be organizing a 16-way event at Skydive Chicago during the last weekend of Summerfest. The goal is to draw some of the best formation skydivers around for a day of challenging sequential skydives and tons of fun. We will organize one or more teams at SDC to compete against each other and teams at other drop zones who will be doing the same jumps on the same day. This will be a quasi-invitational event, meaning that participants will be asked to fill out a short registration form to ensure a consistent experience level within each group. The event will have 5 structured jumps for the day, with optional additional jumps if there is time and interest. Each group will be led by one or two team captains. There will be a planned progression of dives that will grow in complexity and difficulty over the course of the day. Some will be national style sequential dives, others will require more intricate and delicate builds, and some will have FS "tasks" you've never seen or heard of before. The kind of skills folks should have is at least a basic background in 4/8 way training and/or solid experience in 16-40 way events. The interest form below is intended to gather as much information as possible to work out the line-ups. This will be a one day event, running from 7AM to 7PM. However, if weather is bad on Saturday, we will resume jumping on Sunday, August 1st. Therefore, all participants need to be available on Sunday to land from the last load by 3:30pm if weather requires it. Anyone interested in participating should send Steve the completed form below by June 23rd. Rosters will be finalized by July 7th. A one-time fee of $25 will include all the organization and video. You cover your own jumps. Still pictures will be available for purchase directly from the photographers. Thanks for your interest. Email steve"at"rhythmskydiving"dot"com if you have questions or to apply. Team Website:
  5. SDC Rhythm XP is looking for a Cameraman (or woman) for 2010. Rhythm is passionate about doing the best jumps we can do and having tons of fun doing it. We are proud of building a strong team based on open-mindedness, commitment, a positive attitude, no excuses, and confidence in ourselves and one another. Besides working every year to reach new competitive levels, we are also dedicated to contributing to the sport through various coaching endeavors, including 8-way and 16-way player coach projects, team-for-a-day, team coaching, and tunnel coaching. We are looking for a videographer who is interested in being part of this project and acheiving something big. Team schedule is available, and will include about 12 days per month, 10 of which are during the week, amounting to ~750 jumps for the year. We will train out of Sebastian, FL through April and then move to Skydive Chicago around the beginning of May to finish the season. The benefits of being part of our team include tons of jumping, the opportunity to become among the top in your discipline, having a lot of fun, strong sponsorship, great competition experiences, and playing a key role in helping others reach their skydiving goals. Our cameraman would also have the opportunity to lead the group of videographers who support our organized events. While experience is a plus, we believe the right level of commitment and positive attitude is more important than a long resume. Also, strong work ethic and professionalism are required. Please contact [email protected] if interested. Also, check out for more info about the team. Team Website:
  6. I made the tool with excel 2003. I know macros can get buggy between versions. I'll see what I can do about that. One thing is: you have to save it to your computer before opening it. You can't just open it directly from the site. Sounds like it's a version issue though... Team Website:
  7. Interesting it doesn't work for you Bill. Perhaps there's a version issue. The graphics are just shots from the IPC files available on that site. I'm glad you enjoy our site; we enjoy keeping it relevant. Not sure about Chicago teams looking to do 8-way, but there are a bunch of teams now, so it's likely you could find one to join up. We're doing 8-way with Sebastian Tempest this year. Best of luck this year. I checked out some of your video, it looks really nice. Team Website:
  8. That's really great. I'm glad you like it. Enjoy! Team Website:
  9. Hi, I know others have done this before, but I made a tool that randomly generates 4-way draws. It's in excel, and you pick the division and click a button to see the draw that comes up. It will also generate the pictures in a format that prints nicely. If you don't want a random draw but just want to layout the pics for a predetermined draw, it will do that too. Perhaps one advantage over the other links I have seen for this is that you can download to your computer, so you don't need to be online for it. You can get to the tool through the resources link on the left nav bar of our homepage "Draw Generator" or by clicking the "Download here" text in our blog post about it: Check it out, and let me know what you think. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Team Website:
  10. JaNette and I just took a flight with our gear last night. She tried to carry on her weights, and this time the agent said we had to check them because the belt is too heavy, and could be used as a bludgeon. We never heard that one before. We calmly asked to speak with her supervisor, who explained the same. We asked, "What if we take the weights out of the belt (they are removable), and put them in separate carry-on bags?" They agreed to that, even though we clearly could have reassembled the thing a minute later. I think the point is, if they want to make you check your weights, they will. But if you are calm and friendly, they will usually let you through. Team Website:
  11. Whoops! I'll still blame it on Pincus. It's worth it to to hear Chromy say, "PINCUSSSSSS!!" I remember you on the plane now, with Avalanche. Did you compete this past nationals? Team Website:
  12. Thanks Alex, Brian has some huge shoes to fill from Chromy! Chromy's an awesome coach and an awesome player coach. Looking forward to next year, Brian is a great fit for the team. We're really fortunate to have him, and excited about what's to come. P.S., I'll be sure to let Chromy know you said he was slowing us down. We'll be flying with him in the tunnel over thanksgiving! PINCUSSSSSS!!!! Team Website:
  13. By the way, good luck in the primaries... Team Website:
  14. Thanks a lot Smooth. I think it would be great to get one of the many iterations of Good Vibrations in the air again. You, JaNette, Brian Voss, Kevin on video, and me. We'll see if we can break a 2.4 average. In the meantime, keep sending those big way photos! Team Website:
  15. Here's one for both more experienced: 1. launch a cat diving out of the plane. 2. Rear hops over front while front does 180, so the same guy is catting the same guy again. 3. Front turns 180 to sidebody the rear (who turns 90 to present sidebody) 4. Turn 360 like buddies 5. The person presenting the sidebody turns out to present cat. Now we have a reverse of where we started. 6. Back to top, but the roles are switched. It's got memory, it's got verticals, it's got 360's, it's got a fun diving exit with a hop on the hill. For a mix of one more experienced and one less experienced: 1. exit star 2. compressed one side 3. compressed other side 3. star 4. More experienced hops over to cat 5. less experienced turns 180 to star 6. repeat In general, adding a vertical hop for the more experienced person I think is always fun Team Website: