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  1. Sure, in basejumping also if you don't open your parachute you will die.
  2. I think however is not equal to the standard 'Ground Launching' or another, because the departure is to 3 meters from a vertical rock. I cannot mistake the departure.
  3. try this at your home without knowledge what you are doing, is very danger. enjoy
  4. Photo of my brother from Italy
  5. knot

    ITW in April

    I disagree if there is a record attempt at ITW and I going out from Italy in April !!!
  6. Troll 245 MDV 10+ seconds Small mesh slider 32" PC Vented > How many time do you roll your nose? 5, towards the center CYA
  7. knot

    ITW Nov. 1-5

    Hi Tracy, I think from 2-5, because the 1st november is #726 day and he (we) jump from a bridge. Mucho BASE!
  8. Hello to all, in my opinion the only way in order to reduce these events is the information. If a person is ignoring or not informed on the BASE is unavoidable that sooner or later he is killed. Here there are the rules of the ITW, but all do not use Internet in order to inquire themselves, if you had to meet a person whom it wants to jump with a material of skydiving just call the police enforcements, at ITW call 112. I know that technique is inefficente legal, but if this is an ignoring person wants to say that he does not know the law and probably he listens to you.
  9. Hi all, the bar is open all days from 6:30am to 8:00-30pm. So you want jump in the night?