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    Harry this is the exact reason I used to come to CCS so often I felt more at home there than the dz's in florida right in my back yard. I got in on better dives there than I ever did in florida. Its a shame so many dz's have such a click that if your not in it your doing solos. Im going for a job interview in Raleigh in a few weeks and may relocate to that area. If you have any contact info for Dave Sampson pm me please.
  2. I used to travel to CCS to free fly I am trying to find Dave Sampsons contact info. I will be in that area in a few weeks and I lost all my contact infor for him. If any one could pm me his info that would be super.
  3. Rip Larry it was pleasure knowing you. You will be missed by your skydiving family.
  4. You must be looking at the FB list.... Don & Jean Hushpuppy goofyjumper iluvtofly mirage62 missbrz normiss popsjumper rick (asshole) Spence, Julie and THE NEW PUPPY!!!! Skydive The Farm skymama thomas_crowe Taxiway I will be there.
  5. I have been jumping a sameri 105 for a number of years. I came from a stiletto and the sameri is a better canopy. Cant say much on the katana havent jumped one. My advise is say with what you have until your getting all its got then learn down winders when that gets boring then down size. I can guarnatee you can get more out the 90's than you are now. I can swoop almost as far on a 90 as i can with a 270 its all teqnique. If you are luckey enough to take brian germaines coarse do it. Just take the learning progresion and down sizing slow. I had over 1500 jumps on my stilleto 135 before down sizing to the sameri 105. I put 800 or so on the 105 and was getting all it had. I sent it back to brian he retrimmed it and relined it and it came back way faster I see no reason to jump anything else.
  6. Last time I went to the farm Monroe county ga got me at 105mph it was 405.00 ticket.
  7. lol thats funny my comments are straight and I am not angry at all. I think its quite funny actually. Your still prick ron. So i get one warning. oh no
  8. Thats the thing here no one has posted proof of anything. Its all hearsay with out the proof. Jump jax always got paid.
  9. And you would have that right. Just as others have the right to cxl. And this: And this: Do not jive well together. Uh, you sure did: Ron go f u ck yourself. And dont bother sending me a pm flexing your internet muscles again it wont work. lol
  10. My statement clearly says they have bad business practices as far as advertising. But I still had no problems back then cause I made money off of them and to my knowledge the dz always got paid. You got any links with proof of the wire fraud? Are you saying they are selling skydives and not providing a skydives? So if this is the case why are the feds not involved or are they? Are they not paying the dz's that are taking there people up? So you guys will go out on a crusade against every business that partners with skyride. Even if the owner of the dz partners with them to save his failing dz? You can legally have a similar name. arizona skydiving is not skydive arizona 2 different names totally. Just like the dz trying to open in deland could use deland skydiving center and have no issues. Its similar and yes people will go to the wrong dz and they will take customers from each other. Happens every day in any business.
  11. Well honestly at no point does some else breaking the law too much for me. Because its not me doing it. I never said I was ok with stealing trade marks so dont spin my words to support your agenda. I'm not spinning your words. You said you were ok with Skyride's practices. You also said you would be fine breaking the law if you felt you needed to to provide for your family. Your words. And I'm not sure what the first part of your response is supposed to mean.... I understand that you've stated that this is all your opinion. You are perfectly entitled to those opinions, but that doesn't change the fact that they are incongruent with the laws in America and many other nations. Dear sir you are totally spinning my words. Read that bold section then go back and reread my post a little slower so you understand. Then come back and show me where I said that. . What exact laws have they broken? Not your opinion or interpretation of the law. They are definitely treading a serious grey area.
  12. hello Mr irony do you have a problem that I worked some where that accepted skyride. If you do please take 20 bucks out of you wallet and go buy your self a life sir. I just actually read the the story about the nissan lawsuit I would have done the same as he did even if it meant loosing everything I had. You have to stand up and fight no matter how bug the other guy is.