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  1. natecoon


    I've only got 10 jumps on my Spectre 170 loaded at 1.24:1 My wife got a great deal on it with only five jumps on the canopy and I was thinking about going down a size from my Safire2 189 so... she let me have it. Thanks babe! Five jumps on it - Can you say 'slippery'? Gadzooks man. Good times in the packing tent for someone like me with just over a hundred jumps. First and most obvious thing I noticed was the openings. AWESOME. Like a pillow and straight on heading every time. It's a pretty zippy canopy in the air at the loading I have it at. Not high performance or anything but still a lot of fun for someone with my experience. The landings are so easy on this thing. straight in and it will surf for a little while (with no wind) if you want it to or you can shut it right down with a full flare. Haven't even had so much as a stumble on landing yet with it. (including a little down-winder that made for a little faster landing than usual) I'm thinking it'll be a great canopy for my next 100-200 jumps but I think I'll probably go back to a 9-cell after that. Great canopy so far (especially with my experience) but I think I'll eventually want something with a little more drive and a little more 'surf' to it on landing. I have heard that you can get a pretty good surf out of it with a little front riser but I've also heard that it's really not made to be a fast landing canopy. It sets you down really soft, like it was designed to. As I become a better canopy pilot I might start to squeeze more out of it. We'll see. I'll update this after another 50-100 jumps.
  2. natecoon

    Safire 2

    I've only put a few jumps on my brand new Safire2 so far but I love it. It's my first canopy (189 loaded at about 1.1:1) and I think it's perfect for me as my first canopy. Fun but not stupid! I was jumping a Pilot188 as a student before finally getting onto my own gear and I have to say the difference between those two canopies really surprised me. The openings of the Safire are a lot softer. The toggle response of the Safire is better. The glide of the Safire is WAY longer which makes for landings that are WAY more fun. I'm still a newbie and it's obviously still a bigger canopy, but for me, the landings are awesome. I'd like to jump a Sabre2 just to feel the differences. But from what I've heard the Safire does have a better glide and flare. So far I love it. I'll post again once I have a few more jumps on it. UPDATE - I've put about 70 jumps on the canopy now and just love it. Openings are consistently awesome. I've taken a Sabre2 up a few times as well and have found that the Safire2 does have a little more drive and seems to level out earlier in the flare. Because I'm still new to the sport I know that I'm not flying the canopy any where near to what it is capable of BUT, I have been able to pull off some great no wind landings on straight in approaches or with a very little bit of front riser. I will definitely be sticking with this canopy as I downsize and learn to fly more aggressively. Loads of fun. The only downside I'd mention (that really isn't a negative, more of just an observation) is that the vectran lineset is already looking old and dirty compared to the spectra lines on a main with similar jump numbers. Update - I went from my Safire2 189 to a Spectre 170. No Thanks. The Spectre had FANTASTIC openings but it's just not meant to fly like the Safire2....and it doesn't. When it was time to downsize again, I went back to the Safire2. Now on a Safire2 149 loading at just over 1.4 LOVE IT. This canopy is awesome. I've been doing lots of front riser carve-in landings and this thing is great. Can get some really nice speed/surf on landing. Obviously it doesn't swoop like more extreme or smaller canopies but it'll give me a nice long ride across the ground at my loading. I'm certain that I'll be on this canopy for at least 300 - 500 more jumps just learning to fly the crap out of it before I downsize again. Glides forever. The openings are amazing. Almost feels like my old Spectre. Consistently 800 - 1000 foot openings. (some don't like that but I'll take 'em.) Sub terminal openings are a little crazy feeling though. You can have a coffee while you wait for it to stop snivelling. Did a few jumps on a Sabre2 - didn't like the openings and it didn't glide as long as the Safire2. Anyway - love it. Would buy it again in a second.