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  1. I am an alcoholic.

    Perhaps I can do a 2 way with Girlfalldown.

    "We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here and we want them now." - Withnail.

    On a serious note. I'm actually a greeter at WalMart. I can help get you out when the alarm goes off provided my motorized wheelchair can get my 485lb heft over to you before the 80 year old chick with scabies blows the whole deal.

    Happy new iPod.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  2. Quote

    They are guy wires, and if a tower has them it is refered to as being "guyed" :P

    I suspect while he is in prison, John will be "guyed" many times. Who knows...perhaps he'll elect to stay incarcerated as a result.

    With a beard like that, Bubba should have no problem maintaining optimum cadence during "mommies and daddies".

    I hope you choke on it. "John Agnos" is an anagram of "Jiz Bucket".

    Ok...not quite. But's all good.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  3. I will sell my first born to anyone who will email me that 911 call.

    I wish to send it to John on his 42nd, 43rd, 44th 45th etc.....birthday.

    Happy lame-ass bitch day John.

    Die like a man, next time.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  4. At least you'd already been rescued.

    I don't think the word irony would occur to John if he was asked to describe what steel tasted like.[original - royalties due for all future use]

    I remember that day well, Tom. People were saying the same thing to me.

    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  5. Quote

    yeehaw... that first trailer is right after a 3way me steve-p, and chino did... thats steve getting his nose broke by some dude totally not paying attention...B| target fiaxation is can be a bitch...;

    Greg's positive test was also after a 3 way.

    Trust this helps.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  6. I have been sick 5 times in the last 15 minutes listening to this pitiful cretin's dialogue with the world's most humorous and yet compassionate woman of our emergency services.

    I am compelled to share my favorite parts of the soap. The alternative being to drop by California and pain the cunt a new feather hat for this episode.
    John, if you're reading this, know that the facts that you have promised to quit, you are hilarious whilst pissing your pants and you're pathetic have saved you from a harsher judgement.

    Bits of the call that killed me were:

    "Are you visible from the freeway" - like there's a bunch of other assholes hanging from the tower.
    "The only difficulty is going to be the height" - a guess utterly far from the mark. Another difficulty will be the smell.
    "I think I'm going to die here" hurts...stop.
    "I'm gonna die"....please....
    "I don't wanna die"...oh jesus....uuurrrgggghhh.
    "are you married"...[replies]...."huh?"
    "What county are you in ?"....aarrgghhh.......[pain]

    "Is that southbound or North bound?"....
    "If you were going North bound you would come off and go due west".......heeeeeeeeechaaghurgh....a classic....what difference does it make?

    "Who's on the guy wire"

    "CHP....I have a man hung on a pole".....oh God...stop...

    "I'm a few hundre feet from my death right now"....what a time for philosophy? You cunt, you're killin' me.

    "How old are you".....[replies] "40"...and get's it wrong...he's 41...prick!

    "Don't look down".....gufaw.....sniffle....barf!

    "I made a BASE jump".....yeeeeehaw!

    Surreal moment.....
    "It could be worse"
    "You could be in a ravine"
    "It could be worse"
    [pukes with laughter]

    contrarian moment....
    "I wanna die right now"...make your mind up bitch!

    surreal moment II
    "Have you seen a Mel Gibson movie where you land on an airbag"...kudos for holding on here Johnnie. I'd have shit and laughed myself off to that one.

    "What are you doing?"
    "Having a cigarette"
    "Are you upside down?"...[screams in pain]...[pukes]

    "I don't know if it's the smartest have a cigarette when there are wires underneath you"......[no more.....stop...please]

    Surreally surreal
    "Sweeeeeet!"...huh? John you ok?

    and to cap it all...."your birthday is today? Well happy Birthday John"...
    [wrenches nut puking so hard....ass comes out through mouth and leaves skidmarks on lips.

    Oh jeez. John...If you weren't such a lame ass puss bag I'd hate you...but you're just a total fag with no respect for your peers and even less for yourself...Next time....use your hook knife you sissy.

    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  7. Quote

    After Lee died, I remember talking to one of the guys at the dz--someone I'd known since he started skydiving--who was just learning to base jump. Lee had been his teacher. In the course of the conversation, I said, "don't you count?"

    He said, "Counting is for wussies."

    Whilst perhaps an accurate account of Lee's statement, I think it's a little misleading.

    Lee could only count to 8. Except when he was towards the end of a 50 pack of cheese squares at which point he would scream at Jimmy and demand the missing cheese to be replaced.

    RIP 'punk. Glad you don't have to hear all this wussie shit.

    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  8. Quote

    It's not that BASE jumpers don't have reserves. It's that we don't have mains.


    Another Aiello classic...pulled from the quiver that gave us...

    It's not my that my penis is short, it's that my legs and torso are inordinately long (even though I'm only 5'6").

    It's not that I smell, but that my nose is too close to my ass.

    It's not that I'm gay, It's just that all my guy friends like chicks..

    You're a gem. It's not that I like you so much as I really don't dislike you.

    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  9. Kev,

    I know you're old and crusty so instead of threatening you...I'm gonna bring a bunch of singles down to the Bent Prop and we can arrange a break dance fight in a suitable place in Tempe. That'll give you at least a fighting chance.:P

    Fat men shouldn't BASE jump...n'ther should you.


    Edited to change neither in case RLK hits spellcheck.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  10. Let's try this discussion again:

    Overall Question:
    Is the ABP the most effectual entity to support in pursuing the goal of access to public lands?

    Issue: The ABP has reorganized and declared itself a top-down organization, in which the dictates of the leadership will determine policy without reference to the membership.

    How will this effect efforts for access?
    Will the ABP be more effective as a smaller group that rejects volunteers?
    Will ABP fundraising be reduced as a result of the organizations policy of non-responsiveness to member input?
    Will people give money to the organization knowing that they will never be allowed input into how that money is used?
    How effective will efforts for access be without group funding?

    Issue: The ABP seems unable to overcome the personality issues of it's founder.

    Will this eventually scare off every person who has put time and energy into the organization?

    Issue: The ABP has offered to refund money to those who donated.

    Will people actually try to get their money back?
    If they do, will it actually be returned?
    Could this potentially return the organization to operating out of the personal funds of the leadership (bearing in mind that many operating costs were born by a member who has been ejected)?

    Issue: Is there any alternative to the ABP?

    Can some kind of group protest activity evolve into a greater movement?
    Will Abbie actually become the savior of BASE on public lands ()?
    If another organization were formed with similar goals but a different structure, would it be more effective?
    Would an alternate organization split the energy of the BASE community, or improve efforts for access?
    Is there really any problem with splitting things, since the ABP has stated that it does not wish to represent or respond to the BASE community?
    Are people just too tired of all this to get involved in a different organization?

    Thoughts, anyone?
    There's only one Tom Aiello...