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  1. Quote

    BEAT by Rosie O'Donnell . man that's gotta hurt. ...:D

    I've been beat by Rosie O'Donnell, Ray and you're's no joke.

    Good on ya, Jeb. If you had brains, looks and hair you'd be perfect.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  2. I now have more PMs entitled "Personal attacks" than any other title combined.

    Running a distant second are PMs entitled "Dude!".

    I just wanted you to know that.

    Skydiving Rules!!!!:P
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  3. Quote

    ok, so basically im 21, and extremely disillusioned by academics, so im considering droping out of college,

    so now that i will finaly be free, i can do what ive always wanted to do: skydive/base

    and im ready to start skydive training in dallas soon, but i dont know how im going to aford all this

    i dont realy have any desire to work for a living.

    If you're disillusioned with academics but still want a way to contribute to the nation's brain trust then I have a two for one deal for ya. When you get to Dallas, go to the airport and buy a ticket to Los Angeles. When you leave Texas and land in California you will simultaneously increase the average IQ in both states.

    PS I'm a high-school principle if it makes any difference to your decision to base jump.

    Kind regards,
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  4. Quote

    If you go to and then in the pink field "laatste uitzending" you can see it.

    I like the link. voorpagina is an anagram of poor vagina. That's exactly my sentiment when I climb off.

    In life, like in safe breaking, you have to smash that box in.:o
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  5. Quote

    Jimmy, with all due she jumping in a training bra? :|

    $kin's nomination for awesomely smartass comment of the year so far.

    Hats off to you m'dear. Simply capital!

    Sorry Jimmy but that's funny.:D
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  6. What a load of crap!

    The assertion that you have no control is ridiculous. There are certainly uncontroled elements in any situation but to insist that there are no parameters that you can influence is ludicrous.

    Give up the part time philosophy and concentrate on staying alive.

    You tit.

    Try again.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  7. I know of a good location for an antenna in Florida...

    The top of your pointy fucking head.

    I'd advise that you read the rules before posting but I fear you couldn't even manage to click the link properly.

    Best regards,

    Tom Aiello - moderator extraordinaire.

    Edited to add...

    Surely this is a John Agnos post. The anogram gave it away.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  8. What a lightweight! Sangiro and I won't even ban you for that teenage-girls-blouse attempt at rebellion.

    You chicks can all hold hands round the camp fire and hum Kumbaya together.

    Too much drama? Drama is all you have since you're unable to function as normal members of society.

    There is an observatory just south of Twin with an ultra powerful optical telescope. On a clear night you can see Bay area BASE jumpers fucking each other in the ass underneath John Agnos' favorite erection as Felix Baumgartner sits nearby covering his eyes with one hand (but peeking through the gap between his fingers) and beating himself off with the other.
    And you don't like drama? Please.

    I've had enough of this moderation shit tonight. You can all go suck the sweat off of a camel's cock.

    One day someone will thank me for the shit I put up with here. Without me you'd all be staring at screen savers of Mick Knutson wearing nut huggers full of root vegetables.

    Fuck y'all!

    Tom Aiello
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  9. Quote

    This time, Jimmy, I agree with you.

    "Ethics" is what we do, not what we think. Exactly that, no more no less. A good attitude only counts if it is expressed in action, and trying to distinguish identical acts based on the attitude underlying them is ridiculous.


    Err...actually that's not correct. In fact, it's absolutely 180 degrees out of whack.

    Ethics is exactly what we think and not what we do.

    Main Entry: eth·ic
    Pronunciation: 'e-thik
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English ethik, from Middle French ethique, from Latin ethice, from Greek EthikE, from Ethikos
    1 plural but singular or plural in construction : the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation
    2 a : a set of moral principles or values b : a theory or system of moral values c plural but singular or plural in construction : the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group d : a guiding philosophy

    Are carnivors unethical because they eat other animals. No.
    Are humans unethical if they eat each other. Yes.

    Why...cuz that's the way we think.

    Izafraid yuzall talkin' crap.

    I hope for the sake of decency you're all at home masticating since it's breakfast time. If you don't get a dictionary soon it's going to look like a chimp's tea party.

    A tout a l'heure.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  10. Outrageous.

    I thought you were gay!

    Congratulations to Tom and roomie Cheri.

    Now we both have something weighing 7 lbs 9 oz which is over 20" long.

    Best wishes Team Aiello.

    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  11. Quote

    are you saying that Jon Agnos is a two jump wonder? The jump in question was his 90th.

    And are you also saying that this is your local object? I can see it from where I live, and I don't think you and I are neighbors.

    And are you also saying it's burned? What's your definition of burned? Reliable sources have told me about some very low stress, enjoyable jumps done there recently.

    You can hate the guy and berate him publicly for his mistakes, but don't do it on behalf of "locals" or because you think a site's been burned. Just do it cuz that's how you are.

    Jimmy, I haven't had anyone take me that literally in months. Did you shoot R. Kelly's "trapped in the closet" video?

    If I had said "How much peace on Earth could you muster if someone had just pissed on your bonfire" would you assume that I had a sizeable mass of incandescant material at hand and that it was extinguished by uninvited urination?

    James, please!

    It could be argued that even after 90 jumps, to wind up tangled in a web so loosely woven is the definitive statement of inexperience.

    The question "How would you feel" is conditional and I felt it appropriate to preclude my hypothetical (although strikingly similar) situation with it in order to provoke some thought (missed. Dammit!). You. clearly, are not emotionaly attached the experience of having your playground misused. I'm left imagining the teeter totter across the street from your house adorned by two thugs selling crack to five year olds and your neighbors, smiling idiotically as they mope past, bid them good day. Nice!

    And as for burning an object...

    I sat under a microwave tower with a can of gas for almost an hour last week and barely removed 8 inches of paint from one of the legs. I know they don't really burn.

    I don't know John Agnos. He doesn't strike me as my kind of person but that's hardly a criticism. I have zero emitional investment in the whole John Agnos deal. I made fun at a figure dangling like a twat from a string on the news and highlighted the irony of the pleeding and snivelling (sic) 911 call (edits of which I enjoy as my cell phone ring tone) versus the bravado and incompetance of his interview and jump respectively.

    In short, it's just a big joke to me...and it is how I am. I could care less about the locals and whether they burn their sites...which...kinda does make me a local, huh?

    Full circle. The nature of karma itself.

    Happy New Year, Jimmy.

    No bad feelings I hope. None were intended.
    It's all just fun and games ('til someone gets hurt).

    Give my love to whatever manner you Californian's do that kind of thing...:o
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  12. Quote




    So much hate...

    Let's see how much peace on earth you can muster after some 2 jump wonder burns your local object by showing it on the 9 oclock news...

    ...Assuming you ever make a BASE jump.

    I have some neon pink DaKine rags for sale on eBay. Check 'em out for when you graduate AFF.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  13. Quote

    if you sit bacj and think about it, anyone could hit the guy wires, anytime really. ive seen close buddies fly through wires and get really close to wrapping up. if someone hits them, shit happens, there really is no reason to bash on someone because they burned your object, an object, accidents happen.

    i never agreed with this thread in the first place, and it makes me upset that people are still commenting things like this so far after the incident.

    its a dead issue. drop it.

    What a bunch of sissies you are!

    Apparently the BASE community has bred nothing but a team of emotional, daisy-sniffing queers in the past couple of years.

    What better day to T&F someone than Christmas day! You could paste a Santa hat to their head for good measure.

    Just as well it's cold, right's probably the only thing to prevent you saps from dancing naked around a camp fire, burning incense and singing kum ba yah.

    Is that what it's like to be in touch with your feminine side? Yikes!
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  14. I like the word "chute". There are few words that geordies and yanks can pronounce in a similar fashion and leave aussies feeling left out because the word just bounces around their mouths without really ever coming fully out (they make it sound more like shuyt which is what an Irishman calls a turd).

    I hate the word "canopy". Sounds too much like something a french tart eats before dinner.

    My term of choice is schwack sack.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  15. You sure that's land purchase and not just the geology rights? There's all kinds of shit being thrown in the San Juan basin because the land has two owners (1 rancher and 1 gas masher).

    BLM likes to sell Geo and withhold the ability to erect property.

    I could be wrong...wouldn't be the first time. The first time was when I assumed that no harm could be done in a skeet / eye incident.

    :P That's almost exactly what she looked like.
    There's only one Tom Aiello...

  16. How about snagging it at some point (like an exit point) and being dragged off a tower with a heinous horseshoey mess strapped to your back. Or pulling the wrong handle during freefall.

    Or worse, giving the thing a neon pink handle which forces people to assume your are light in your loafers.

    Death I can handle. Being mistaken for a skydiver? I'm not so sure.

    There's only one Tom Aiello...