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  1. back in the 80's, i used to make risers for ParFlite.I believe the standard length at the time was 21''. I was wondering if there is a modern day standard length ?
  2. UPDATE--- 8/25/16---- called the guy yesterday to see if he still had the machine. He took it to a sewing machine shop in Sylmar. They told him it needed parts and it would cost more than the machine was worth, and so he opted not to have it repaired.He says i can have the machine for free if i go and pick it up.Any thoughts?
  3. it is also interesting to note that when the first square reserve(safety flyer by Para Flite) came out, you legally had to have a square reserve rigger rating (administered by USPA). some riggers (with the rating)starting charging double or triple to pack one.
  4. ALL nylon reinforcing tape will shrink after getting wet. the only exceptions are: preshrunk , pcd boiloff , or dyed tape
  5. went to look at it yesterday.it's in great shape, not much visible wear. but the thing is locked up. i am mostly familiar with singer bar tackers . this juki is much more complex.
  6. as i understand it,Jalbert conceived the Ram air as a kite, not a parachute. just sayin.....
  7. i have a chance to buy this machine for $200 . seller sez needs adjustment / timing. how difficult are these machines to time.?
  8. how long is the lanyard from the pud to the pin?
  9. have any riggers here had to replace the timing belt on a 212g440 ? the manual sez to remove the 2 screws from the handwheel, and thats it. but there is what appears to be a bolt that runs thru the pulley into the upper shaft. does this need to come out too? manual doesnt say. also , the bolt has a triangle head on it. anyone know where i can get a screw driver to remove it? looks to be 3 mm
  10. Thanks gb1. you mite want to hook up with Gene Roether. he was the guy who built all the bags, and container, and snake skins in the shop early on.I think he is still in Wisconsin
  11. the snake skin was attached to the pilotchute end of the reefing line, NOT the canopy. Also, the first batch of canopies were the red/white beechnut canopies. a good number of them had built in turns.They were built by ILC STEINTHAL
  12. snake skin was approx 36'' long. # 4 grommet in the bottom end, 2 ea #0 grommets in the top. the reason for the snakeskin was that sometimes the bag flew up the reefing line after the canopy came out and covered the pilotchute(something i discovered observing from the ground w/ binoculars during the early development of the Strato Star)
  13. "back in the day' this was probably as controversial as pilotchute vs no pilotchute on the reserve.At our drop zone (Ripcord Para Center in NJ)i recall seeing 3 manual deployments of reserves under a P.C.(no cut away). 2 were not successful, tho there were no injuries.all the others cutaway and deployed their reserves successfully