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  1. Aaron Eckert (Shiny Shorts) is coming up from Lake Wales! He would like a ride if anyone is coming up from that vicinity...otherwise he'll drive by himself. Big Eric The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  2. I would agree with that. And... Fred rolls in at 2.4 Hans broke the scale at 4.7 (...and he wants to do some FS this gotta see this.) So, maybe some Anvil-ways? Ton-of-fun? OMFG Speed-Star? (Old Men and Fat Guys) Anvil-ways...I'm in...and I say no freefly Bullshit...that's cheating! The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  3. You get a fishin' rod and tie the line to AJ's collar. Then when he chases people on landing, you just count how many cranks it takes to reel him in. Sounds bring the 15 foot rod and Marlin reel and I'll bring the video camera! The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  4. I thought you were going to help us measure distances? I figure, working together and tying the ends of the 300ft tapes together, that we could get a fix on Roxi's distance...assuming, of course, that we don't have to choke on the cloud of dust across the gravel road to do it. I'll help, of course...but maybe we could do a one round takes all accuracy and you...Raven vs Triathlon...rear risers only! The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  5. Hear THAT Big Eric? He's on to you! Sounds like I'm out...I'm touchin' on 400 jumps... ...and my avatar I'm pointing NOT touching...I've never touched that nice ass...not sayin' I never will...just sayin' I never have! And the wife kinda wants to smack it now and again herself! The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  6. Anybody willing to help with measuring distances for a young-jumper accuracy competition? What are the max jump numbers to compete? If everyone is going to make fun of my big Raven IV, I might as well show 'em what I can do with her! You can even handicap me with rear risers only! The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  7. Mel will be working manifest on one of those days...I think she's gonna wear the purple Tu-Tu again! Now, gotta figure out what to dress AJ up as...maybe throw a badge around his neck and make him guard my beer cooler! The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  8. I'm going to take a crack at this. Excuse me if I added anyone incorrectly... apollard24 auburnguy BillyVance Bolas Chinagirl CSpenceFly Dannydan denete freelyflyn71 futuredivot goofyjumper Iandrennan KathleenL Lauraliciious MarkBolton Micduran Overtech Popsjumper Skydave Thanatos340 Tmaricle55 whodamiss The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  9. Remember, the nearest ER is in Rome. Quite a long drive if you are wasted...... So what does the Cedartown hospital have? The Cedartown "hospital" has an Immediate Care Clinic! The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.
  10. Richard was a damn good friend. My wife told me the news when I got home from work. She was crying...I was just pissed off. Richard called me while I was at the Farm last Sunday. He'd left his phone at the Farm. He asked me to mail it to him in Macon, 'cause he was leaving for Idaho. He got his phone Tuesday. I called and talked to Jill and Richard Tuesday, and told him three different times to be careful in Idaho. Later, he left a message on my cell phone letting me know that he'd arrived in Idaho. He told me that it was really cool of me to send his phone to him, and that he owes me big. Yep, the jackass owes me nine bucks. I really wish that I would have called him back. I never thought that he'd jump stupid. Now I'll never see my friend again. To all my friends who B.A.S.E. jump...learn from this...this was a needless loss. To Jill...I know you guys had grown very close...I won't pretend to know how you feel, but you know you have myself and Mel's love and support. Blue Skies to my friend Richard ya, bro... Big Eric The Braver the Bird...The Fatter the Cat.