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  1. hey

    hey all sorry my profile is not up to date, i should have realized i was going to get the third degree with my current profile status. I am very close ot the 500 mark. i realize i need to be good before i ever do my first paid jump. That is why i am just getting tips now, to work and perfect on this. I already have done a few tandems for practice. On my very first one i got a great exit got them coming off the hill, then them pitching the drogue. When i tracked to them i slowed down and just kept sinking out on them. It was a very small girl with a jump suit on. That was why i am asking about the wings, i figured they help you slow down which is the hard part its always easy to get down to someone but not back up to them. So yeah i know i have to be good at this to get paid, But you have to start somewhere. and i believe you will never learn to fly with the tandem until you actually do it, just as you will never learn to fly that HP canopy until you actually jump it. i was just wanting tips on what has helped poeple from the there beggining in this discipline.

  2. hey

    i was wanting any tips for flying tandem vids. i am new at this and my main concern was my fall rate to tandems. I am medium build 5'11 and 180 pounds, I was wondering will i most likely need wings with most all my tandems? Do tandems tend to be floaty with the drogue or do they average a regular persons fall rate?

  3. Quote

    The exit funneled and a big guy landed right on my camera. I would highly recommend investing the two or so dollars in buying a plastic step up ring from BH photo.

    hey I have looked everywhere online and not been able to find a plastic step up ring 30 - 37. Does anyone have a link to where i can buy one of these, and the 2 dollar one sounds pretty good just havent been able to find it, thanks all.

  4. hey

    Yes you have been ripped off! I did my first jump at a very unfriendly dropzone here in Ga, it might have even been the one you went to. They just take an extra 10 in there pocket....why? Well because you dont know any better and im sure after a day of tandems they made some pretty good tip money. But what they dont know in the long run, is i did my aff and other 293 jumps at the better dropzone. So in the long run that 10$ screwed them outta over 10,000 dollars. Im glad i had that happen early to take my money to a better business. Anyway next time just say no thanks as you will be going to 14,000 ft anyway.

  5. Quote

    Use a plastic ring and not aluminum. TRUST ME. I had my Raynox 5050 ripped of on a busted exit. Glad I used plastic and not aluminum or else i would be out a lot more that $99

    hey i was just wondering what you mean by ripped of on a busted exit? you saying if it was aluminum it would have taken your whole camera with it? i have the rawa helmet and box for the cx100 so there isnt any dooubt that i would loose the camera if i hit it on something, . And does the lens come with aluminum and plastic steprings or do i have to order which one i want? Also do you have to verify the stepring size on ordering or is it one size that will fit my cam, thanks for your answers in advance

  6. hey

    i have finally decided to go with the opteka .3 lens.
    i was just wanting to ask someone what do i need to set it up. i heared i would need an aluminum spacer to fit it to my cx100, where can i get one of these and which size will i need,???? thanks

  7. hey all

    i just purchased a rawa witht the cx100. My first question is... Can i paint my rawa helmet, what is a good paint to use on it, and do i need to seal it with something? Its not the shiney black plastic its the one that looks more dull kinda like its primed.

    And second, Whats the best HD lens i can get for the cx100? i keep hearing the rayonex .3 but then everyone says its not very wide. Are there any other HD lenses that compare to the rayonex but are wider?

    thanks all

  8. Quote

    I hate to say it but I laughed when I heard your story. I know it's not funny when shit like that happens, but I just had this mental image. Seriously though, that sucks!

    I landed in a field this weekend and was gathering up my canopy when it started catching on the ground. I flopped it in the air and continued to gather it up. It wasn't until afterwards that I saw .... little cacti on the ground. I had no idea there were cactus in North Carolina, WTF?! I was very fortunate it didn't tear my canopy.

    Thats cool, i was actually hoping to give some people some laughs outta my story, figured its the only good that can come from it at this point,

  9. hey all

    i figured i would post this sitting here pissed off right now at what a dumbass i am. I did a jump last week, landed safely and a friend was giving me a ride back on the back of a trailer. he stopped to get some other jumpers on and i set my canopy at my feet. well when he took back off my canopy shot right between my legs and under the trailer. Lines tore and shredded, canopys seems to still be good with one small rip in the top of it. This shit really sucks, I just got this caonpy and now i have to buy a whole new lineset and patch it up. What i think sucks worse than that is it has put me out of skydiving for 2-3 weeks. Just thought i would share it wasent really my fault but then again it was because i watched it happen. I was also wondering if anyojne else can share any similar storys so maybe i wont feel so bad. I guess i can just make the best of this expensive lesson and not let it ever happen again, and atleast i get a new lineset lol

  10. Hi everyone

    I just wanted to post. Matt has recently reached me. Apparently he has been outta town without his cell phone. He is going to make this deal right, He seems like a cool guy we talked for awhile, i would have just been pissed off if i had to buy a new pilot chute. well if any moderators reads this you can delete this thread~thanks all

  11. yeah i would love for someone to tell me where he can be found so we can get both sides... Good luck maybe he will answer you..... its just maybe a coincidence that he has been unreachable for weeks after the fact that he has recieved full payment, Wierd though how we talked for 2 weeks and no trouble getting in touch with him to sell this product. talk with a few other poeple who knew him, wierd how they said things about similar situations.

  12. hi

    i didnt know where to post this but i figured i would let all the rest of tandem instructors and poeple taking tandem coach courses to know. Matt yount a tandem intructor and i also think he runs a Coachs course, has ripped me off on here dropzone.com. I bought a rig from him and he sent it out, i paid top dollar because he was suppose to send some new parts (pilot chute and what not from being worn out) . Well to make a long story short, after he recieved his money, he has never answered my calls about sending the new parts. Basically blew me off after he got his money,. Its real funny to how helpful he was, before he reiceved the money, to make the deal. Now i am left high and dry with and expensive mirage that i now have to fork out more money for because Matt made it sound like a good deal, because he was throughing in these new parts,. Just letting poeple know of these shady dealings and maybe you wouldent want to take a coachs course to soemone who rips off skydivers

  13. hey

    i have recently got an older mirage g4 ( made in 2004).
    i sent it in to mirage and had the harness made to my exzact measurments. After a long day of jumping my legs hurt like crap and for some reason the straps dont really feel that comfy. Its not the new spacer foam but the padding that is on it dosent really seem like great padding to begin with. MY padding ends at the bottom front of my thigh. it dosent really stretch all the way around and meet the other side of the pad. Is this normal? and i was also wondering why has it taken so long for manufacturers to come up with the brilliant idea of making leg padding more comfortable by now,??? you would think they woulda caught on i dont know like 15 years ago

  14. so i was wondering when buying new and used gear, which is better to go with new and which will work just as good used? is it better to buy a new canopy over a new harness? im thinking a used harness will work just the same while a used canopy will not so what wwould be better to get ued andd whats worth the extra mony for new?

  15. ok this can be a fun game. there are only five pics though i will give it a shot in order

    1, is a m3

    2. is MT

    3. is M2

    4. is MX.5

    5 is MXS-.5

    these are all just guess, and i was just cuirous to see a pic, i was thinking of getting this size. mayeb alot of people cant tell the difference from one to the other but it is important for me to see the MO size i want, there is a difference or else the other containers could fit my canopies aswell!!

  16. Actually i do notice a difference, the mt is smaller and more sleek. i wanted an idea of the size because i am thinking of gettong one and just wanted to see one, does anyone know also why some mirages look like a tight and sleek look and some look like a different material and just look like a stuffed pillow??? do they use different type materials or all the same?

  17. so i was wondering any of you out there jumping a mirage (g4) mt, if a 135 non cross braced canopy can fit in it?
    i know everyone says dont go against the listing size from mirage, but then i heard someone say the mirage mt use to be listed up to a 135 main. and from another person i heard that the sizing for smaller mirages are list for cross braced canopys. so can anyone clarify if any of this is true? just thought id ask thanks

    blue skies