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    It was a submarine. What else did you get wrong?

    Marijuana and hemp are not the same thing.

    Really??? Maybe you can point me in the direction of where these different things come from since they are not the same.

    I can guarantee you that if you made your own hemp, for some reason our government would charge you with manufacturing marijuana aswell. But thats crazy officer as you can clearly see this is just hemp i am producing so i do not know where the marijuana charge came from........As they are so clearly not the same!!

  2. Five years after cannabis hemp was outlawed in 1937, it was promptly re-introduced for the World War II effort in 1942.

    So, when the young pilot George Bush bailed out of his burning airplane after a battle over the Pacific, little did he know:

    * Parts of his aircraft engine were lubricated with cannabis hempseed oil;

    * 100% of his life-saving parachute webbing was made from U.S. grown cannabis hemp;

    * Virtually all the rigging and ropes of the ship that pulled him in were made of cannabis hemp;

    * The firehoses on the ship (as were those in the schools he had attended) were woven from cannabis hemp; and,

    * Finally, as young George Bush stood safely on the deck, his shoes’ durable stitching was of cannabis hemp, as it is in all good leather and military shoes to this day.

    Yet Bush spent a good deal of his career eradicating the cannabis plant and enforcing laws to make certain that no one will learn this information—possibly including himself.…

  3. hey

    These are the exact same canopies i have in my rig!
    I actually picked out this combo, well one for the badass canopys, and two because i believe they fit the Mirage MO conatiner so perfect that is was like this container was made for these canopies. Hope this helps,. They are a perfect fit in the MO

  4. [reply
    If you permanently attach the ring to the camera, what do you do when the ring is bent in a camera bag,

    its an aluminum ring, while it could be possible to bend i dont think it is highly likely from just being in a bag.

    or when a riser strike tears the lens from the aluminum ring, or...

    on my setup my camera case actually clamps down on the lens itself. so it is not just sitting with the threads holding it in place.( the case itself protects the lens body)

    Plastic gives way.
    It's cheaper to make the camera with plastic, and given that the CX100 is a very casual use camera, it's not all that tough. To a large extent, that works well for skydiving safety.

    the problem i am finding with the plastic threading, Is when metal ring and plastic threading screw together. The plastic slowly wears away. So every time you put the lens on, it wears the plastic threading just a little more. So the idea is if you sealed the metal ring in. you would be be only screwing the metal lens into a metal ring and not eventually wearing the plastic into an unusable threading.

  • hey

    I am using a metal ring on my cx100 to attach the lens. I don't know why sony decided that plastic would be good material for threading. I was wondering if anyone has thought about (or has), sealed the adapter ring into the threading?? I was thinking instead of wearing the plastic threading out, if you could just seal the ring into the threading it could stay on permanently. So it would just be screwing into the metal ring instead of the plastic threading. I just dont know if this would be a good idea or how to go about it,...any ideas?

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    Try a hill before you try a cliff.

    I didnt create this thread because i am going to try this, only that i thought up the idea and was pretty sure someone has done it somewhere. just curious as to what other people know or have heard about it.

    thanks for the video, thats pretty cool.

  • hey

    i was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of anyone ground launching a skydiving canopy down a hill and off the side of a cliff? I just pondered this idea and figured someone out there has done it before. It would be a great way to get canopy time if you went off a huge cliff.... the only down side i see is once you started the launch you would have to be committed as the launch point would end at the edge of the cliff!

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    it is total weight of the wing and you, its apart of your gear....when you hop on the scale with all your gear, your rig should be packed with both main and reserve as well...

    Yes i am aware that this is the equation to a wing loading. I was just curious if when your canopy is open, does the weight of it go into its own loading.....as it is now causing resistance against air.

  • hey

    maybe a funny question regarding wing loadings...We all know when you figure the math of your wing loading you add the weight of your gear into the equation. But for a true wing loading..Do you account the weight of your main canopy into the equation? or is it just your harness and reserves weight that should be added to make the true wing loading? Does an open canopy's weight add to the wingloading or is it just the weight thats hanging under that canopy that is the true wing loading? (of the gear)

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    Im guessing you're in your teens or early 20s that about right? Look dude I just wanted to offer you someone to game with, but since you're obviously above my skill set nevermind.

    Side Note, you may want to get out more. theres more to life than 360's. Like drinking and women.

    well i dont know what part of that post made your assumption come out that your not on my skill set? its not anything to do with skill, you just dont play the game i do, so it would be hard to play together.

    and as far as drinking and women go......well the old lady gets on to me about that! im lucky i can even play halo

  • haha

    well people who lose in it dont like the game to much. But dont be a hater, this is strictly halo 3 . So start your own Carr of Dudy thready if you like.? So.......... wheres the gamers!

  • hey

    just thought i would see if anyone here plays Halo 3 online?
    i am always on (when not jumping). and wouldent mind playing with some skydivers (preferably good). Anyway whats your gamer tag??

  • the reason i posted this is because i know someone who had a lineover, peeled there handle and it cleared. the person who did this put there handle back in place. i was just curious as to what if you found yourself in that situation and your handle got dislodge and couldent be put back in place. while this is just hypothetical similar situations have happened. it just got me to thinking is all

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    When (if) you peel you don't pull yet, and when you pull you PULL so you'd not have the change to recognize a fixed canopy at all. So, doubt very much you'd ever find yourself in a situation like you mentioned...

    well lets say you just peel and it was hanging out enough to not be able to easily fit it back in its pouch. would you fly it in with your handle dangling or would you cutaway?

  • so here is a hypothetical situation. just wanting to see what some of your reactions would be. Lets say you make a skydive and deploy your main. On opening you have a bad line twist or line over. Its looks to you that you will have to cutaway. So you peel your handle out of the pouch and right when you start to pull it your canopy clears itself, and now you have a good canopy. But now your cutaway handle is dislodged and not only that but it has been pulled three inches down the cables. Do you keep hanging from your harness and try and land with it or do you cutaway???
    if there was one inch from your cable to your riser release would it be safe to keep or a safer idea to cutaway?? just thought i would put this out there for discussion

  • hey

    thats pretty crazy, dosent seem like there was alot of time inbetween groups. Also i dont understand the hand print on your leg from going through someones canopy can you explain?

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    Zoo loads drive me crazy because it is usually the same people who mess up time and time again and never learn from their mistakes. Stereotypically, it is the guy who jumps once every month, invites everyone on the dropzone on the jump, goes low/takes out the base/etc, and then laughs "oh well it was fun though." I thinking to myself, "thanks buddy you just wasted my jump ticket." I'm not referring to the newbies who are still getting their skills down; that's one thing. I'm referring to the idiot who laughs "oh well it was fun" over and over when my money gets wasted. I started freeflying just to get away from these situations! Zoo loads can be fun and a learning experience if it happens every once and a while. But every jump? It just loses its appeal. And for the guy that jumps every once and while, it makes no difference to him because it is only that occasional jump- not every weekend.

    haha i totally agree with you here, i can recall a few jumps i was pissed about. mainly free flaliers who gave me a whole jump on my back....waiting....waiting.....oh well its pull time

  • your right, it is a little strong to say it sucks. I just mean this lens has put a new point to wide angle. Other camera flyers have agreed that it is almost too wide. I was just wondering if people that have used this have decided the same thing. And also the lens itself is huge compared to all the others.

    anyone have any videos of the opteka in action?

  • hey

    i was just wanting to put some feedback in and see if anyone feels the same. I originally bought an opteka .3 wide angle lens for my cx100.....and well it is very wide to say the least. i can hold the camera 6 inches from my face and still see all the way around my head on all sides. The lens cant zoom in far before it goes to a straight blur. so basically your stuck with this wide angle that you can be 6 inches up on someone and still see 5 feet around them on both sides. I don't really see the great use in this as a skydiving lens. i returned it for the raynox .3 lens and well it is much more of what i was expecting a good lens to do. It can zoom in and out and has a reasonable wide angle that you would want.

    So is this just my opinion but has anyone else tried the opteka .3 and came to the same conclusion? that it sucks? way to wide with almost no zoom. I heared some people talk about how they love it but yet to see some good footage with one!

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    there has to be a way around this?? I have a cypres with 4 months left but am going in for a repack. I have read since it will expire within the repack date that my rigger will not be able to pack the cypres in it. Now this just plain out sucks....i have a good cypres for the next 4 months and cannot use it???? is there anyway around this, i read on one thread that some riggers can expire the pack job to the date of the cypres is this true?

    A rigger can pack the rig with a Cypres that will expire before the 180-day scheduled repack as long as the unit is up-to-date on service/battery. But on the day the unit's lifetime expires, the rig can no longer be legally jumped until the unit is removed from the rig.


    thanks mike, i actually called to ask you this question. As you will be the one packing it., I am glad that the system has seen this flaw in the legal issues and allows this. i read other forums that said the rigger could not do that, i guessed they got some sense and said well the unit is good and in date why shouldent they be able to use it for that time......thanks for the quick response

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    Look - if we were to engage in a pissing contest concerning the various flaws _almost every_ gear came across over the years and how these issues were solved or how long it took the company in question to react - well i guess we could go over miles and miles and miles of stories, couldn't we?

    so bottom line: each to his own likes and i happen to like my quasar II :)

    well i just think it pretty crappy company for it to actually hit the market and this flaw be found out in the field of skydiving. I mean dosent this company test there new designs thereself? or is it the jumper who went in that determined there "new age" product had a deadly flaw, no pilotchute launch....correct me if i am wrong but isnt this a pretty BIG flaw

  • hey

    there has to be a way around this?? I have a cypres with 4 months left but am going in for a repack. I have read since it will expire within the repack date that my rigger will not be able to pack the cypres in it. Now this just plain out sucks....i have a good cypres for the next 4 months and cannot use it???? is there anyway around this, i read on one thread that some riggers can expire the pack job to the date of the cypres is this true?

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    pretty lame - that was over a year ago and the company fixed the problem

    got something more to say? no? well i thought so :|

    actually i do........sucks to be that guy in a cutaway,even a year or so ago. I dont know about you but i was skydiving then!!