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  1. 3hawk

    Skydive Toledo

    This is probably the most relaxed DZ I've jumped at. All of the staff and jumpers are friendly and make you feel right at home. The Caravan, that is leased through '07, was great! I decided to take a long lunch break and make the drive up to Toledo from Portland on a beautiful Monday in May. When I showed up at noon there wasn't anything going on and the place looked deserted. By one thirty things were happening and I was on a Caravan load to 14k. By three thirty I was packing from my second jump of the day. So much for a long lunch break... Make the trip and put the word out, this place is where it's at in the great Northwest!
  2. We called at 8am on a Friday to see if anything was happening. The girl on the phone said we could get on a load at 11am. We got to the DZ a little early to waiver and gear up. We were in the air by 12:30 in their King Air. The ride to 18k was amazing with great views of Monterey bay and the Pacific Ocean. It took all of 7 minutes to get to altitude. The staff was helpful and friendly. It seems like they cater mostly to tandems but they try to accomidate fun jumpers as well. I'll gladly recommend Skydive Monterey Bay to anyone. I look forward to going back!
  3. I felt right at home here. Urban, the owner, was friendly and professional. I received some good info and training for my "A" license. I was able to get on a load right away, and made two jumps in about three hours (not bad for Oregon). It was worth the drive down from Portland!
  4. 3hawk

    Skydive DeLand

    After the fog cleared we got in three jumps from 13,500. All of the staff was very helpful, and offered BOC training to my partner (free of charge). We loved the twin otter. Comming from an Oregon Cessna drop zone, we were spoiled with the Florida sun and the fast climb to altitude. Busy, but well worth the trip!
  5. 3hawk

    Skydive Hawaii

    I liked this dropzone. Nothing like seeing Diamond Head and the open Pacific before exiting the plane. Loads are crowded. Alot of tandems for the tourists. It took about an hour and a half to get on my first load. I had my first cutaway here. I got alot of support. The staff really helped me out with the jumps I made. I was invited to join a 4-way. Overall, a good, solid dropzone!