Skydiving in Hawaii

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Hawaii has it all. Beautiful beaches, deep and lush valleys and even a bit of city life. It does however excel at providing some of the best outdoor experiences available. Surfing and hiking are two of the best known activties but seeing the islands from a bird's eye view takes the sightseeing expereince to a whole new level. Helicopter tours, zip lining and skydiving has become very popular activities on the islands. Next time you want an adrenalin filled adventure consider doing a skydive in Hawaii. It's a great way to take in the scenery. We've got a number of skydiving drop zones listed below.
Jumps from 32 USD
Tandems from 170 USD
Jumps from 25 USD
Tandems from 149 USD
Jumps from 20 USD
Tandems from 250 USD