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  1. What is a fair price for a used 15' demo flag setup?
  2. Prepping for a little skydiving road trip, I don't have a laptop to store my videos. So I was going to buy more memory sticks for my CX100. Wondering what is the biggest size stick someone has or is using?
  3. So flying through the opening is doing nothing to react to any lobsided pressure being felt?
  4. Exactly what does "flying through the opening" mean? If during the opening I feel more pressure on my right-side should I add pressure on the right-side? If so, how? Harness shifting or riser input?
  5. Add these to the contest. Thank you.
  6. I followed trunk's instructions and now have full use of my hypeye pro d. All that was required was to pay attention while performing a configuration rest.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Off to bridge day. Will try your suggestion and continue to enjoy your product. Thanks Rich
  8. Hypeye d pro fails to set zoom on cx 100. I can turn unit on, go from standby to record and back and even shutdown cx 100. Anyone else having this trouble?
  9. I exit from strut before tandem leave the step. I get a good exit shot of tandem as they leave plane. This is cut from video since I don't shoot stills yet.
  10. Maybe you don't have to remove the box. This person just modified their box. Could have saved me some $.
  11. Sorry for the quality. It was cut from cx-100 video. I don't have slr yet.
  12. To me the skysurfer looks like Oliver Furrer.
  13. I was wondering if anyone has received their cx-100 blackbox from Cookie. When I placed my order on the 25th of March I received e-mail stating shipping would be in 4-5 weeks. After 6 weeks and no box or correspondence I inquired about the status. I received e-mail that my order SHOULD be shipped on May 20th. Is this typical of this company? Did I make a mistake by ordering from them? I was just wondering if anyone else was having similar troubles.
  14. Looks great! What keeps the cx-100 from moving/shaking while in the box? Is there a camera bolt or a lock I can't see?