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  1. To those that don't know by now, The Great Ranger grabbed another leader for his battalion. We lost my Dad in November. He did a lot for this sport, behind the scenes, which if you knew him was exactly how he would have preferred.
  2. Wow, thank you so much for posting this!!
  3. Carl “Smitty” Smith born August 24, 1948 in Miami Florida to Thelma and Eugene Smith of Belle Glade, died September 25, 2021. He was a longtime resident of Palm Beach County and most recently a resident of Landrum, South Carolina. He was retired from a long career in the construction industry, but his lifelong passion was skydiving. He was an instructor in Indiantown and Clewiston, FL, and a well-respected member of the skydiving community, where he impacted many individuals with his patience, quiet demeanor, and professionalism. He always took time to nurture people new to the sport, and was working with new jumpers up until the day he died. His newest skydive family was in Chester, SC. Another passion of his was photography, which he incorporated into both skydiving and his love of nature. Hours were spent in nature preserves, on land and kayaking on Florida rivers, getting the perfect shot. While on vacation, he would take breath-taking landscape photos, but had to be reminded sometimes to include people. He was always a craftsman, but most recently became a wood-turning artisan. Smitty is survived by his wife of 45 years, Jennifer Smith; his two daughters Stephanie Rudy (Tim), and Christy Herrmann (Michael); and his sister Linda Miles. I knew Smitty from jumping with him in Clewiston. He was a really nice person, avid photographer and a hell of a good jumper. I will definitely miss him. RIP Smitty, BSBD
  4. This one hurt. Mark was great jumper, fantastic pilot and an even better person. He is missed. More cowbell Mark.
  5. I'm glad he got in, such a great guy and jumper, but it still pains me how he died. So needlessly. Sad.
  6. Here's a pic of her ash dive Saturday.
  7. BSBD!! I met him once before. Super cool guy. Sorry for everyones' loss
  8. I had to post this one too. It's great!!
  9. Long time DZO of Lake Wales and Phoenix Z-Hills passed away this morning. She did a lot for our sport and she will be missed.
  10. Just to keep this up......miss that asshole!!
  11. Hubie was the best. Always loved sitting with him, Tooth and the others drinking beer from an upside down can. Hubie loved his can collection. Gonna really miss him. Blue ones my friend.