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  1. jcd11235

    good DZ tent?

    A lot depends on whether you're looking to just stay dry at night or if you desire a nylon hotel room for safety meetings. If you just want to reliably stay dry at night, then watch REI clearance sales for a 2-person backpacking tent. For summer in the midwest, you'll want lots of mesh panels, a ground cloth, and a rain fly that can be quickly installed when half-asleep. I'd also recommend a vestibule. Besides a tent, I'd recommend an inflatable sleeping mat, most of the comfort of an air mattress, with little of the bulk. If you'd prefer a nylon hotel room, head to Walmart.
  2. To rephrase, the same data that raises the question cannot be used to answer the question. We have to obtain a new sample to answer new questions.
  3. Not necessarily. The distribution of causes of incidents would likely be very different for wingsuit pilots vs. non-wingsuit pilots. We might find similar differences in incident causes between those who fly cross-braced canopies and those who do not, or between those who fly camera and those who do not. It can be very useful to consider equipment when considering incidents. We do, however, have to be mindful of our degrees of freedom when we are identifying possible features for consideration. Thus, we are (fortunately) not likely to see enough fatalities in a short enough time period to identify any significant safety differences between, for instance, a Sun Path H&C and a UPT H&C. (Note that I'm in no way suggesting Sun Path's containers are safer than UPT's, or vice versa.)
  4. Starts at 21:30: clicky
  5. I've had ~8 myself, all intentional and well-planned, just timed randomly!
  6. jcd11235

    life insurance

    Out of curiosity, did you specify AGL? That seems like a potential point of confusion, in the unfortunate event of a claim.
  7. jcd11235

    Parachute made wrong

    the best thing would have been to call PD first before posting in a public forum. Odds are very good that they'll make it right for you and minimize your inconvenience while doing so.
  8. jcd11235

    Text body of post cut off at right side

    I can't reproduce the problem. It's likely a rendering issue with your browser. What OS version, browser version and CSS (if any) are you using?