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  1. Ain't that the truth! We have a boogie coming up in just a week, let's talk about that! I know i have been gone for a while but damn did skydivers start talking about skydiving? lol Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  2. So what is this dublin boogie you speak of? I have never heard of such a thing.... you kids be safe... Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  3. thanks lee. lol i wish you could have seen that crash it was some real tv type shit lol... yea its going to be awesome to see everyone again... i miss the old crowd... Maybe i can cook up some sort of retarted stunt like i used to do lol... crash dummy pruitt is Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  4. I will be there for this one.... I know its been a while lol way to F*****G long.... hopefully i can make it back out sooner if not c ya then... Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  5. I would just like to publicly thank everyone who made this the best weekend of my life... first off thanks to jason and all the staff and organizers of bridge day who did a great job thanks to Jaap suter without you there is no way i could have jumped. Nick DG it was a pleasure to talk with you. also thanks for all the great advise. also thanks to the people who carried me to my car from the bar thursday night and to everyone else I had a great time. it changed my life. i can't wait until next time... Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  6. 1 jump but i made it count it was my first base jump and yea i got alot of beer Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  7. Hopefuly we can make it on sunday if somone has a rig that i can jump... hint shreck hint....hope you guys have a good time I'm going to be at b/d so maybe i can make it for sunset load to see everyone..... btw i'm drunk so ignore this lol Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  8. Sorry guys no crazy stunts at this one... I can't make it... between bills and shit to buy for my rig so i can jump its just not going to happen. with any luck i may see everyone at the mountian boogie if we get back from b/d in time... everyone be safe,have fun, and for goodness sake get outa bed and make a jump for me
  9. YAY I now have a car!!!!! well its a truck but i don't have to bum rides anymore yay c you guys at the boogie... btw thanks to everyone who helped me beg barrow and bum rides to the dz over the past 10 months Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  10. Hey y'all watch this Chris hey chris how about that thunderbow lol.... i can't believe the rope broke lol... if any of you know john pinion he has some great video of me doing it.... Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  11. updated list... Poker Game / Tournament RastaRicanAir skinnyshrek crash dummy pruitt Hans goofyjumper mejewican missg8tordivr Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  12. Poker Game / Tournament RastaRicanAir skinnyshrek crash dummy pruitt Hans goofyjumper mejewican Thats it... cmon people i'm trying to do this up big multi table style... we have the means. we need the players... so everyone get on this list its for charity Pruitt Skydive The Farm
  13. Hey robby I talked to hardon tonight about organizing the charity poker game. he said he would love to help out we just need a list of who is going to play so we can get more tables and dealers if needed. also what kind of prizes we need to work out.... I'll help as much as i can just tell me what needs to be done... Pruitt Skydive The Farm