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  1. The stupidest thing I'm yet to do: Return to skydiving after a seven year hiatus because my Vigil still has some life left in it
  2. Even though I'm here in Funchal where the demo jump took place, it was NYE and I had completely forgotten about it by the time it took place, serves me right!
  3. Seems like a good metaphor for Brexit anyway
  4. David Davis is currently Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Is there anything to corroborate this claim?
  5. Thanks - You're right, but that was a bit cryptic. At least this thread will at as a signpost for others looking to discuss.
  6. Very surprised to see that there don't appear to be any threads discussing the stunt-work in this movie...
  7. Hi Katscan, thanks a lot for your reply, I have tried everything but VBRO - but they are quoting $200 p/n. I'll probably book a couple of nights via AirBnB and hopefully that will give me a chance to find something more reasonable. Alternatively I may just drive to Perris/Elsinore if things don't work out as I have two weeks to enjoy.
  8. Anyone have a room to rent for any part of first couple of weeks in September? Thanks
  9. Sadly excluded by my current insurer: "If You have bought a Premier policy, Your policy can be extended to cover the following Special Sports and Activities for an additional premium, but no cover will apply in respect of any Personal Accident or Personal Liability claims, and the Policy Excess will be increased to £250 under Section 2 (Medical Emergency & Repatriation)"
  10. I'm not a BPA member, and I doubt £100k would be deemed sufficient at most DZs, certainly not in the US. I am a UK resident USPA member.
  11. I have just been told by a DZ in Belgium that they need proof of insurance, or I would have to take out annual membership costing 180 Euros, which is a bit excessive for an afternoon when I might only jump a couple of times. What are my third party insurance options?
  12. Last week I contacted Sky-Fun at Dahlemer-Binz about jumping in Germany, this was the reply: Thank you for your request. You're welcome to come to us for jumping. The charge reads as follows: Height 4,000 meters € 28, - per jump. Simply come and bring your license. Sincerely yours No guarantee that Stadtlohn will be the same, but it's a start. As it happens I'll be in the Netherlands next weekend, and I was hoping to jump near Heerlen and the best options should be Schaffen, but they had strange insurance concerns last time I tried, so I ended up jumping at Spa instead. Your best plan is always to contact the DZ in advance and try to find out what the local issues are.