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    Satelite exit

    Hey Lars!d Having jumped the An-28 at your club's Dz, and successfully taken out a Sat. with some of the people from the 2 way skills camp, I can tell you it's pretty easy. We launched it a number of times without ever having it funnel. 1. ( the easiest way) Build your sat, with your hook inside the plane facing each other left and right of the plane, with your two people taking the side body grips on the ramp, feet on the edge , backs to the twilight zone. Everyone needs to be nice and tight. Launch the sat, by having your the two people with the side body grips stepping off into the twilight zone and the two people in the hook, sort of falling of sideways and opening up immediately as the two people taking the side body grips pressing the people in the hook up into the sat. build. For those of you who don't know, in Norway, they call a two way star a "hook". What happend to you at Ostre? After the Poker Meet you we didn't see you for the rest of the boogie! Anyway thanks for your positive comments about me in the forums here. I had heard about people posting comments on the skills camp and just checked in to read them. There is talk of a boogie for Oslo Fallskjermklubb at Elsinore in March. If it happens, I hope that you will come. Blue ones, Michael (Mj) " Do you want to be Better.....or do you want to be Good?"
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    Østre Æra

    I have had the opportunity and pleasure of jumping at Østre Æra for 3 years in a row now! The dropzone is an amazing place in the middle of a forest in Norway. The staff and skydivers there are among the nicest people I have met anywhere. The facilities are excellent, with both a huge landing area, a huge hanger with a padded packing mat to pack in, a first rate bunk house and showers and food kiosk with cooks that prepare great food. They have an AN-28 that takes 22 jumpers to altitude in 15 minutes and two An-28's during their July boogie. The dropzone has an open FS competition during their July boogie, called the "6 Way Poker Meet" that is an absolute blast, ending with medals, tequila shots, a lot of laughs and a poker game for quite a bit of money. That meet is one of the most fun meets that I have ever been to and definitly worth making a trip to participate in! And speaking of the boogie, I found the organizing at the boogie to be really first rate for everything from freeflying, to free one on one coaching for low time jumpers, to large formation (12 to 40) coaching and organizing. I never had the desire to go to Norway every summer, but the people at this drop zone bring me back! Be careful about going to their boogie, because this place is addicting!