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  1. Steve died a year ago today. Let's keep him in our thoughts and not let his memory die too. BSBD bro. We miss you. Mike
  2. I've got two images. I want to overlap a section of those two images, and then blend the overlapped portion together in a gradient fashion, so that it gradually fades from one image to the next. I was hoping there was some way of doing it relatively automatically, but ended up having to do it manually by painting alpha channels onto the masks with the airbrush tool. IT looks ok, but not as good as I wanted. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hello again, I need some help blending two images in paint shop pro (I have version 8). I've been playing around with masks, gradients, etc for the past two hours or so, and have tried several tutorials from off the net, but with no luck. If anyone knows how to do this in a relatively easy manner, please let me know. I'm tired of beating my head against the wall. Thanks, Mike
  4. So is this a thread where we can discuss the recent events within the ABP, or is it just for discussing whether we really want BASE to be legal? If the former, I'm a little concerned not only with the fact that the majority of the BOD, all respected names within the BASE community, has been summarily dismissed, but also with how this recent "restructuring" will appear to people outside the BASE community. I am not a BASE jumper, but I am a silver member of the ABP. I paid for that membership because I'd like to legally jump certain objects which are now illegal. I don't know Robin's past (and this is not a personal attack or a request for more information- I know enough about him to form an opinion), but it seems to me that having a totalitarian organization will be less beneficial than a diversified leadership composed of respected names from within the community, and perhaps some professional lobbyists or something from outside the community. In the Army, I was taught that the most dangerous thing a leader could do was say "I don't know". Those three little words not only implied incompetence, but would serve to demoralize the troops and eliminate any respect for the leader that they had. In my eyes, the ABP has just done that, by showing that the egos within the organization were greater than the ultimate goal, and by allowing a power struggle to become more important than legalizing jumping. Short version: I'm a little upset with the recent turn of events, and I think it shows that the ABP is not as strong as it should be. That being said, I still support it, and I still want to see the goals of the ABP become reality. Mike
  5. Thanks for the advice, Adobe Audition did the trick. It has automated beat finding tools for finding loops, but I ended up doing it manually anyway, since the beats it found were not where I wanted to loop. Definitely much better than the tools in ULead's Media Studio Pro 7. Thanks! Mike
  6. Thanks, I'll look into that. Mike
  7. Is that a Mac only program? I run Win2kPro. Thanks, Mike
  8. I'm working on editing a video for a friend at the DZ, and trying to cut pieces of a song out, and basically recycle the chorus. Currently, I'm using ULead's MediaStudio Pro v7 to edit the audio track (mp3 format), but I 'm wondering if there is a program out that can more easily loop audio segments, if I set markers, and have it search for matching waveform patterns. The process I am using is working, but it's very time consuming and not as perfectly seamless as I would like. Thanks, Mike
  9. Yeah, MPlayer plays it fine. Nice work, Eric! I'll see if I can figure out a way to decode that tomorrow and re-encode it in a DivX format so that Windows users (the superior OS, with the exception of linux) can more easily view it. Thanks Matt & Eric, Mike
  10. DOS is fine with me. Hell, you could give me linux directions and that'd work. Failing that, if Eric can't get it fixed, I'll encode it in DivX format and have it up Friday evening. Mike
  11. Speaking of the boogie video, if anyone has any digital still photos they would like to submit for inclusion on the 2005 Carolina Sky Sports Fourth of July Boogie Video slideshow, please contact myself or Eric Miller (eUrNiCc on these forums). Thanks, Mike
  12. Ok, sorry for the long wait time. I was hoping to have internet access at the DZ this weekend, but did not. The winners of the free Jump are Randy_H and nate_1979. I'll be contacting you after I write this to arrange payment. Thanks for the help! What I ended up doing once i bought the new hardware ( and an Athlon 64 3200+) was just using Windows Update to get all teh service packs back in, then applied the BigDisk registry patch, and all was well. Randy linked me to the patch, and Nate provided a lot of other help in real time late one night after my posts. Originally, Dave was the leading contender for the free jump with his suggestion to look to the manufacturer, but that utility wanted me to destroy the current partition and recreate it, and that is not something I wanted to do. I saved that as a last resort, that I never had to resort to. I'm very happy with the new hardware, by the way. The board I purchased also has onboard RAID 0, 0+1, 1, as well as 8 channel sound and firewire. It can be upgraded a lot (4gb ram limit, 4 slots, and I'm not sure what the max processor it can handle is- still looking for that info). THe only thing I would have liked to have is a PCIX board, but that would mean buying a new video card and PSU as well, which I can't afford right now. Thanks to everyone who helped, Mike
  13. Ok, so the combination of updating the new boot partition on the 80gb drive, along with installing the seagate program, has allowed the 80gb boot to see the 300gb, without having to mess with the 300gb at all. Now I just need to decide on the hardware for tomorrow. In the emachines box, I think the PSU is 250, but in my other box (Linux server that is currently unused), I have either a 300 or 350, can't remember. As far as I can remember, that will be enough for Athlon 64s, since my graphics card is very low end, and does not take the high level of power that the new cards do (geforce 2 mx400 w/64mb ram). Any further help or insight is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  14. Ok, I've been doing some reading since my last posts, while waiting for files to copy. Looks like 939 is definitely the way to go, as 754 is deprecated now. Also looks like Venice has a slight edge over Winchester, with the only difference being that Venice has support for SSE, which apparently very few programs make use of right now. For identical costs, though, might as well get it, unless there is some compatibility issue there, which I can't find any information on yet, so I assume that to not be an issue. Also, of the three boards I linked to earlier, I'm leaning towards because the NF3 Ultra chipset has been shown in a few benchmarks to have a slight edge over the K8T800 Pro chipset. However, the Asus with the K8T also has onboard firewire, which the Gigabyte looks like it will require a connector cable for (no big deal, cables are easy to get, and I've got a PCI firewire card anyways), and the Asus also has integrated RAID 0, 0+1, 1 support. That could come in very handy, especially since I have three identical 40gb drives. Mirroring them as my boot drive would be nice, leaving my 300 as the data drive. Any tie breakers or input? I'll be purchasing them tomorrow morning on my way out to the dropzone, which will be in less than 8 hours. Thanks, Mike
  15. Yeah that's what I figured, so the question is how do I get my 80gb drive to recognize the 300gb drive? Chances are, I'll be reformatting it again tomorrow if I end up purchasing the new mobo/proc, but it will be good to know how to fix this problem quickly again. What I'm thinking of doing is copying the most important files onto the 80gb drive (not everything will fit now that the OS is on there), and trying the partition thing, and hoping for the best. I can't think of anything else right now. If there is anyone who is able to discuss this (and my hardware choices especially) who can talk in real time, please contact me. My IM info is in my profile. Thanks, Mike