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  1. Marion

    Mxv Helmet

    I won an Mxv helmet and added Cookie's cutaway, a Black Box and a Liquid 3 lens. I am so amazed by how comfortable this helmet is. The liner has padding of different thicknesses in parts of the helmet, which really helps it stay in one place on my head without being uncomfortably tight. It's also really lightweight, even with the chin cup, cutaway and Black Box on the side. The cutaway handle is very accessible on the chin cup, and the chin cup releases using a three ring system on one side. The Black Box has a clamshell design that I like, but I have to take my pc9 out of the helmet to charge it. Before I got the helmet, I was a little concerned about buying a helmet without trying it on first (I live in the US and don't know anyone with a Cookie helmet). The customer service from the people at Cookie has been great. After I put a few jumps on my Mxv, I emailed Jeremy because even with the chin cup as tight as it goes, I felt like I might want a slightly snugger fit. I thought he might tell me to add foam in the back of the head or just say that's how the helmet fits. When I got home from the dz, there was an email waiting for me saying that he had just mailed me a new chin cup with more padding. I really can't say enough about how comfortable this helmet is. I did a solo with my regular freefly helmet and realized that even with a camera mounted on the side, my Cookie helmet was more comfortable.
  2. Marion

    Freak N'Suits FreeFly Suit

    I love my Freak'N Suit. They have a lot of stock patterns (stripes, flames, swirls etc.), but they were happy to do a custom design for me. I just talked to them on the phone and faxed them a sketch of what I wanted. Ask about their new "Girly Option." They put a spandex V in the back of the suit, so the torso fits similar to an RW suit, without bagginess in the small of your back or around your waist. There is also spandex between the legs. I love the way the suit flies. I asked for mine to be slim through the upper body and baggier in the legs, and it's exactly what I asked for. I got mine last weekend so I can't speak for the durability of my suit yet, but friends have put their Freak'N Suits though years of use and abuse, and they still look good. Great people, great suit.
  3. Marion

    Ouragan FreeFly Suits

    I ordered an Ouragan Suit in January and received it in May. I got the suit, and it looked great, but the fit was off. I sent Ouragan an email describing the problem and attached photos and paid to send the suit back to Ouragan for them to fix. Soon afterward, I checked my bank account balance and it was off. I looked at the detail and saw a charge from Ouragan- They had shipped my suit and charged me without my authorization. VISA gave me my money back before Ouragan did. The suit still did not fit. I was really unhappy about the unauthorized charge and the expectation that I would pay for shipping both ways because of a mistake on Ouragan's part (either manufacturing or measuring), and I asked Ouragan about whether I could get a refund and send the suit back to them. They said I could get a refund for all but the $200 deposit. I had trouble getting in touch with Ouragan to get my refund. Two weeks later,Ouragan acknowledged that they had previously emailed me that all but the $200 deposit was refundable, but said that because I paid with a gift certificate, all but the $400 gift certificate was refundable. Ouragan later denied ever telling me that I would receive the larger refund. I was unhappy with my experience because (1) Ouragan expected me to pay for shipping both ways because of an Ouragan mistake; (2) Ouragan charged my debit card without my permission; (3) Ouragan told me I would receive a refund of all but $200, then two weeks later said could get a refund of all but $400, then denied making the initial refund offer. I don't mind waiting and paying more for a high quality suit, but the customer service problems were too much for me.
  4. Marion

    CSS Summer Rides

    Welcome to NC! We have a bunch of people who live in Raleigh and come out to the dz every weekend. I bet somebody will post here, but I'll ask around for ya.