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  1. helio stallion? jumpers ARE better all around people than whuffos
  2. Although i completely violated my own reasoning, the reason for no RSL was the whole belief that i wanted to get stable before i pulled my reserve. Also. i dont ever want me to cutaway my main and have my reserve deployed before my main clears, for instance if it gets caught partly on my leg. jumpers ARE better all around people than whuffos
  3. A bow flex would only build muscle which weighs more than fat. My wind resistance would be less and i would weigh more. That wouldnt help jumpers ARE better all around people than whuffos
  4. I had a spring PC during AFF almost 3 years ago in Taft. You are sure right about the reserve ride. I had never flown it nor did i know how accurate i could land it. When i saw hte main goinng towards the houses, i said there is no way i am trying to land in a street with cars, trees, wires, etc. I was just REALLY bummed that no one even my coach saw it. Rather than saying, "You are alive" or "You survived," All i got was "Why didnt you land by your main?" jumpers ARE better all around people than whuffos
  5. can you tell me/us what size was your main? what size was the reserve? what was the wing loading? did you buy beer? Triathlon 190 Stellar 180 I weigh 270 out the door (same rig since jump 17), so i am loading it at about 1.35-1.4 On average, i fall about 130 mph on my belly, even on deployment (i need to do something about that because my body has no wind resistance but has all hte weight. 5 different jumpsuits only slow me down up to 4 mph) my max speed was 182 on that jump occurring on the 2nd half (based on the average of 144 on 2nd half). YES, i bought beer
  6. in an emergency, i can understand how one loses altitude awareness. WHen i was spinnning out of control, all i cared about was chopping that sucker and getting a better one out. NO jump could ever give you that feeling of going back into freefall after cutting away. People talk about that roller coaster feeling that we really dont get.......I got it that jump. I guess i owe a bottle of scotch jumpers ARE better all around people than whuffos
  7. after my reserve opened, i did a control check and then looked for traffic. I then checked the alti and found the DZ (we had a VERY bad spot). I was way north of the DZ and my canopy was going North. At about 1000 feet, i knew the canopy was going towards the houses so i decided not to land near it. It wasnt until an hour later when i realized no one realy watches that i didnt have money to buy another main. As i drove around Perris, i kept callin manifest until finally the rigger's husband turned it in. the FIRST thing out of ANYONE"S mouth was "why didnt you land by your main?!?" I said it wasnt safe.................... jumpers ARE better all around people than whuffos
  8. I usually open at 4 to allow for some room to regain stability in case of a mal, but when it happened, i didnt even think to get stable again, i knew i needed an open canopy. I was pretty much standing up when it opened. Scared the s@$t out of me........ i agree about the main jumpers ARE better all around people than whuffos
  9. Thank you all for helping me out. Skydivers really ARE the nicest people around tdog, Your suggestion is great!! I would have never thought of that, and you are right, it shouldnt be that hard. My mother sews, so I will take care of that. However, I am in law school, and my free time is extremely limited, so i have to sit on that for a while. However, when I get good enough to not screw up my suit, I will go that route for sure
  10. I am looking for an inexpensive freefly suit. I looked online and I found a place in Australia that sells them for $99, however, there shipping is ridiculous. I was hoping you fellow jumpers may have other suggestions of what stores to look. thanks
  11. Jakee, Thank you for bringing up the reserve issue. I was going to ask about that next. I myself have been seriously concerned about the size of that reserve. Apparently, my rigger told me a PD reserve 160 actually translates to a 174 square foot canopy. I dont know how exactly that works, but that is what I was told......... Even if the canopy is 16 square feet smaller than my main, I think i would be scared shitless being under a new, smaller canopy at 1k after having a nerve wrecking cut-away (knock on wood
  12. Thank you sooooo much for your advice That is exactly what I wanted to hear. I was thinking of the possibility that because of my lack of experience, I probably wouldnt notice too much of a difference on the 190. And for the low turns, I wouldnt dare after reading all the incident reports this year. I am way too inexperienced to try anything of that sort. Additionally, what can you tell me about how you feel about the Triathlon being a first canopy? Moreover, can you tell me anything about the rest of the gear? Airtwardo, I know we need to have a discussion about the reserve, so please see my response to Jakee below