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    Skydive Taft

    I began jumping there in February of this year. I have done almost my entire AFF there, and a few solo jumps since. I did 2 tandems and 1 of my AFF jumps at another large dropzone, and the difference is like night and day. What I experienced at Taft cannot be duplicated anywhere else. The family type atmosphere has made me feel at home. Coming there as a student, by now everyone there knows me, and they all make me feel comfortable. I never have a problem finding someone to jump with, or instructors who will spend the extra time to clarify my confusion. When I did my AFF level 2 at another major dropzone, I felt like I was treated like cattle. It was like "Come on, we have a plane to catch!!" And I was thinking "Wait, how can you put me in the air without me knowing what the hell I am doing?!?" I had so many questions to aks their instructors, and they said "Stop thinking about it so much." Not so at Taft, EVERY one allowed me to be ready to jump and I have never felt rushed (during AFF) to make the next load. The instructors there are all very nice and passionate. When I graduated AFF, they all fed me tequila, whiskey, and beer, and we hung out most the night talking about jumping. I have done a lot with my life, and I have seen many different places, and I have NEVER experienced hospitality like that from Taft. The 182's are very jumper friendly. The climb to altitude may not be the fastest, but they always get me there. Oh, and jumps from 10.5? Unheard of unless you get into a load with tandems. I have never left the aircraft under 12 at Taft. The pilots are nice, the staff is excellent, and the jumpers it brings out all rock. So, if you live in California or are planning on coming here to visit, you HAVE to make a stop at Taft, and you will not be disappointed. P.S. In the winter, they have Mike Mullin's King Air, 14 jumpers to 14.5 in under 7 minutes for $14!! Cant go wrong with that!!!! Blue Skies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!