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  1. After talking to Tony about my Falling Rock Syndrome( falling to fast and not be able to keep up with the others) he custom made a suit for me. Miracle. On the first jump, I was able to stay with my friend. He put a second layer of fabric inside to avoid to adding to much fabric outside and looking like a clown. The efficiency of the drag was so great. I had the chance as well to meet him, he know is design and if you have problem or need something special, Sky is the limit. I also have 3 other suit from him and all of them are a perfect neat looking flying suit. Buy without worries Blue sky Jump high Nomad Skydivers Alex
  2. maddiver


    I've been jumping my FF2 for almost 2 years now. Worth every penny. Some people may think it's a bit pricey but not at all. When you think about all the amount money we put there and there for cameye, gaf tape, Paint, fibre glass, neoprene, cut away system over the price of a regular camera helmet, you may end up paying more. This is a neat all in one ready to jump helmet. Comfort, and look is perfect. Also give full protection to your camera = longer life :). The design is also snag free and can avoid an undesired cutaway. Over the product it self, the service offer by 2kcomposite, before and after is just amazing. the guys even answer question I had after 2 years when I put my still picture camera on top. Note as well, the guys will do custom paint job on demand... 11 on 10 Blue sky Alex
  3. Fox is not the place you will do a 10 way HD but it'a must do if your passing by. The Vue is just amasing and staff are really welcoming sports jumpers comapre to most of the DZ in NZ. Thanks for all boys, had a really good time.
  4. Abel tasman know how to make y ou feel like home. Plane is nice (go up really fast), every body is welcome. Thanks for all boys and see you soon
  5. maddiver

    Skydive Sebastian

    Biggest DZ I'v seen for freeflyer, big Way all day. But Dont think to jump with theme on your first day. Plane are going up and the vue on the reef is relly nice.
  6. maddiver

    Skydive Miami

    If you have some freind who whant to jump in tandem, that is the place. Commercial, fast in fast out, with a good experiance. If you are a licence skydiver, you are going to be welcome but not a lot a skydiver, the majority of the jumpers are the packers. but the plane will go up and you will jump.
  7. maddiver

    Skydive Greene County

    Nice place to go jumping, CASA and Otter are there to go fast and hi. nice landing area and big paking area. took me awile to feel at home but after that it's a lot better. good amout of jump on weekday. nice shop. relly good place for belly flyers, but freeflyers over there have 2 maby 3 hundred jump
  8. Gan is a Dz who have a good balance between freeflyers and belly flyers. even if it's your first time, people make you feel at home. They have the twin otter for the long weekend. paking area is good and they have full time rigger on site to help you. but the best in all that is the vue on the 1000 islands at the can us border. USPA and CSPA is accepted. Thanks Tom.
  9. Ok A big 10 over all, Landing zone as big then a city, Nice plane but over all, people so nice and easy to deal with, Thanks for everything.
  10. Nice planes, Ac pack room, really nice staff, no big dead time. Willing to do new things. Thanks for all. Alex