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  1. I'd like to repeat everything Alan said. It was an awesome time and great jumps and tunnel flying. Thanks to all those guys for the great loads that were organized and the help they gave. My favorite had to be friday night's formation load. blue skies, rich
  2. I'll be there for billy rhodes' coach course and then jumping on the 24th. - Definitely: alanab ballsack bbarnhouse benforde catfishhunter chutem CieloDiosa Deuce dgskydive Evelyn Ffejdraga Gia GQ_jumper grue helldog JudyJ jumper03 LouDiamond mattjw916 mcneill79 monkycndo mustard NWFlyer outlawphx padraigbrowne pfraser psipike02 Remster (and the soon to be stolen wife) Karen rocket Skratch skreamer (but no spotting!) Skykittykat Skylord tdog The111 TheGreekOne vdschoor - need a ride Dec. 26th, 6:15PM arrival Viking wildcard451 Zenister Torchbat11(only for a coupla days) - Likely: AggieDave CanuckinUSA efs4ever Karrigirl Kid Icarus livendive orchid Redassskychic fireflyr(if my spine heals.) - Maybe: davedlg ltdiver jasonRose johnny1488 psipike02 rasmack selbbub78 Vanillaskygirl (tiny chance...crossing fingers) -rich
  3. I will be leaving corona, california (just north of perris and elsinore) the night of the 21st and returning by midday on the 24th if anyone wants to tag along. blue skies, rich
  4. Jumped it this weekend and it was great I would highly recommend looking at merlin suits if you are in the market. The booties did great with real shoes, a good arch, and a rig on. It was a great time jumping (especially cuz i got to jump with dan/gq jumper, yeah you know you are jealous). blue skies, rich
  5. I got my suit this week and jumped it this weekend. It flew great, it was an awesome fit and I loved the power in the legs with the mega booties. Padding in the knees also makes it comfortable climbing around inside the plane and if I (knock on wood) don't stand up every landing.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, they also look loose cuz i only have rainbow sandals on rather than my normal slip on vans. As well as the no rig thing. We will see how they look in the air on sunday. blue skies, rich
  7. I just got my new merlin competition suit in today and i love it. I'm very impressed with how sturdy the construction. Can't wait to jump it this weekend and get it in arizona's tunnel for thanksgiving. Here are some pics of me flying it around my room and the halls. blue skies, rich
  8. Hey dudes and dudettes, Some folks from colorado are headed down to eloy for the thanksgiving mini-boogie (including jumpnaked69) Anyone else planning on camping out and drinking ludicrous amounts of beer?(if the beer is dark enough you can use it as gravy for the turkey) party on and blue skies...
  9. A few of us from Colorado will be making the trip for the meet. We are getting in late friday night (we haven't bought tickets yet. Should we fly into raleigh or charlotte. Also is there there anybody out there that could give us a ride from either of those airports to the meet? Thanks!
  10. I was in Omaha for a couple of weeks on business and was able to jump both weekends I was there. I had a blast and met lots of awesome people who were friendly and hospitable. The club atmosphere was new for me and i loved it. The only downside was the smaller slower planes that I'm not used to but i had a great time and would definitely recommend checking out LSPC if you are ever in the area.
  11. I'm gonna be in omaha, nebraska for a couple of weeks and hoping to do some jumping on the weekends. I looked up the crete and lincoln dz's and i think omaha/offutt afb is closer to crete. Just wondering if anybody nows whats goin on near there. late rich
  12. My toggle stow broke 2 weeks ago and after getting it replaced i just jumped my rig today and they both busted again. I was wondering if anybody has had this problem before where something would be causing this. Im jumping a falcon 215 loaded at .9. thanks rich