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  1. Nice post John!!!! Mom of cadet #2 is very proud of them both. Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  2. Drew, what great advice!!!! You managed to hit the nail on the head so to speak. Just starting out its "easy" to depend on the instructors because they obviously know what they are doing and for someone like me who knows practically nothing it is somewhat intimidating. I'm nervous about asking, don't want to look stupid because then no one will want to jump with me and as a female in a largely male sport its awkward at times to fit in. Thanks for the suggestions and to the other experienced jumpers take the risk and introduce yourself to someone walking around the DZ with a parachute on who looks nervous.....if it happens to be me I'd appreciate the vote of confidence. Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  3. Don't think about it so much. You'll be great and mom will have a blast. I can't wait to see her and catch it on film. Looks like another scrapbook to me Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  4. Somehow these last replys have nothing to do with my original question. Thanks to those of you who stuck to the question at hand and offered your input. It was a sincere question. blue skies!!!!!!!!!! Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  5. Quote" the least you could do is pay for their slot. Some don't even think that's fair! ____________________________________ I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm happy to pay their slot, hech I'm honored to pay their slot while I'm progressing through CatE. The question in my mind is that if they've offered to jump with me for slots are they then saying that they're offering to jump with me for free? I suppose its kinda like getting to the point of being released to go on solo jumps and wanting a friend to jump with. I would not "need" an instructor and if I just asked them to join me and they said yes I'd think at that point they would be paying for their own slot. Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  6. Thanks for the reply, the guys did offer first and they all have their own equipment and I've already gotten the slot and rig rental price from the DZO. I realize they are in skydiving for the passion of the sport but they also want to make extra money and I just don't want to impose on anyone but at the same time I don't want to pass up an offer for support both in the air and financially. How oftern have you be willing to "waive" what you get paid? Thanks again Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  7. A question for instructors......I'm new to the sport and by just hanging around at the DZ over the last several years and pretending to know what's going on (haha) I've managed to become friends with some folks who are extremely qualified in the sport, most are infact instructors for the DZ. Several of them have offered to jump with me during my AFF progression. My questions..... How many of you are serious about jumping with friends for slots only, no pay? and second... Is it appropriate for me to even ask you? I'm just not sure if they have offered out of kindness and welcoming newbies into the sport or if they genuinely mean they want to help me out with my training. Thanks for your honesty
  8. You are such a gentleman! I'll just tip, no wait make that tempt you with a ride topless Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  9. I for one loved the photo and all the positive publicity former President Bush's tandem has brought to the sport . Skydiving can use all the positive support it receives and detailing the safety issues will educate the public that contrary to popular belief we are not "crazy" for jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Its a blast as all of you know and daily I challenge my friends and family to quite giving me grief and either put up or shut willing to try it or shut up complaining about me doing it. The TM for Bush is a really nice guy and I'm happy for him to get on the cover, KUDOS Bryan. Personally I think it is so totally amazing and cool that the TM for Bush filmed my first AFF video. It felt like I was on the cover of parachutist. With thousands of people in the sport and thousands of photos taken daily it is impossible to please everyone. Lets be supportive of all in the sport and be willing create your own scrapbooks for the photos that are important to you. I appreciate the person who has the responsibility for selecting the cover photo. They have a job not many people would be willing to accept. Thanks Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  10. Carlos was such a nice human being. As a "newbie" to the sport of skydiving and having spent many hours just hanging out at RPC getting up the nerve to start AFF I had the opportunity to talk with Carlos on numerous occassions. I had the priviledge of watching him take very close friends of mine on their first tandems and always admired his candor, sense of adventure and friendship he extended to those he was preparing to jump. He always made me feel welcome on the DZ and I feel confident that he did the same for countless others. Farewell my friend. I look forward to seeing you in heaven where we can share that tandem we never got the chance to at RPC. Godspeed, Jo Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  11. Just had breakfast with the guy. Still not a hair out of place you know I love ya man!!!! Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  12. Hey Greg, these pics are great from the skydive with Chuck. Thanks everyone for sharing them. I just bet he's sorry he didn't have you hangin' on to him I was sure glad to have you there for my AFF's !!! Glad to know who you are on ciao, Jo Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  13. John, This is a nice article by Lisa and easy to read even for a newbie, not that I really understand any of it yet. A rig of my very that's a new thought. Maybe someday Thanks for pointing it out. Jo Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  14. Hi Joel, I checked out your I like skydiving too! I'm thinking about getting a convertable! I like women because I am one! I have no money because I have two kids See ya on the dz Jo Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!
  15. John thanks for sharing the pic and getting my face online in record time. Folks that picture was from my second tandem. Here's the catch......I saw the UPS truck making deliveries that saturday and thought nothing of it. Moments later John was stapping me into the "new rig" that just showed up via UPS. As we were walking to the plane I commented on the nice looking rig John was wearing. He said "it ought to look nice.....I just took it out of the UPS box!" Well if the fact that we were jumping a brand new rig right out of the plastic didn't scare me away I decided I must be hooked. It wasn't long after my third tandem that the dreams about skydiving started. As they say the rest is history. Looking forward to meeting some of you on the DZ at Raeford. Jo Your attitude in life determines your altitude!!!