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  1. http://downloads.offheading.com/films/Offheading Spiderman does Kathmner is the "getting stucked in the talus video" and sikretssjefen is a REAL carnage video!!!!!
  2. Did it look something like this??? (Old stuff) http://downloads.offheading.com/films/Offheading/Spiderman_Does_Katthammern.mpg No helicopter needed on that side of the tallus. But rescue team with some ropes is unfortunately required.
  3. Well, here is one of the winners of the first German BASE cup. He is not from Germany, but kicks ass in accuracy, which this cup was all about. He had one streamer during the competition, but survived and made a blind monkey landing on the last jump...We have alot to learn from the BASEjumping world champion, Skygod and Mentor MONGO.... http://jiihaa.offheading.com/images/MONGO.jpg Here are the other participants : http://jiihaa.offheading.com/images/REST.jpg
  4. Hey Speedy. Really cool story, and i now know who the xxx man is. He is a greate dude! Unfortunly you are posting on a wrogn forum. It seems everytime something cool comes up, somebody will say that it was allready don in the early eightys or somethig like that...This is more a historic&questions about basejumping forum. You should post this kind of storys on a real forum for real and crazy basejumpers, like xxx is!!! The site is www.offheading.com and the international baseforum is here : http://www.offheading.com/phpBB2/index.php Here there is alot of space for cool storys like yours!We just love them!!! Lets not talk about history. The history is made now. The past is allready forgotten. ALL RESPECT TO TOM AND OTHER GUYS THAT HELPS SKYDIVERS BECOME BASEJUMPERS AT THIS FORUM!!!
  5. There is NO NEGATIVITY about that. It is a just a FACT that most basejumpers are gathering together to have fun and socialize. If there is a competition, just a few take it seriously, its about playing life for most of us. (might be hard to understand for a rookie, that only think about surviving-no offence).Ofcourse few jumpers are different. They are out to get medals in those events, that are so called "world championship" or "world cup". It is ok to compete, but what's so funny about competing seriously against people that are playing and having fun??? For fakes like FB is what it is all about. He call himself a WORLD champion of base (on his radiculous homepage), after doing a competition with few jumpers that aforded and had interest of meeting up for an private event. Well, it is what the sponsors want. Results, no mather true or fals...The funny thing is that those few jumpers that compete to be socalled "World Champions", will ramain in the basehistory as jerks, not greate athlets. Only media and nonjumpers can get fooled. Basejumpers knows what's going on ;-) If you will be around for a while, you'll understand. You will be able to meet greate persons and skillfull jumpers, that you havent seen on the "championship ranking". They do not need any publicity, or proudly listing thir incredible results on their homepage... PS.This has nothing to do with person Johnny Utah!I do not know him. Its just explenation to the "base world champion" bullshit lies... Keep BASE pure! Example on funny result hunger : http://www.johnnyutah.com/resume.html http://www.felixbaumgartner.com/site/index.html
  6. hey Space is cool in my book! HE'S A COOL GUY, FOR SURE!!!
  7. Most of the comments here are made by "basetourists" from other countries, comming for few days to Norway, to make as many jums as possible. They have hopefully greate time and leave the country with good vibes from the base Mekka. There is absolutely no doubt the Stavanger BASE people are nice persons and does a greate job to satisfie the guests! However, it is not the current situation that worrys most. It is the direction things are evolving(in a matter of years). And if the things goes to far, it is hard to reverse them... Before, the norwegian jumpers staying in Lysebotn could earn some money on renting their gear to the visitors/first timers during the summer. Also pakking work could give them some dollars to buy a pizza and a beer in the restaurant. (Also experienced jumpers could teach their own students). Now the Stavanger BASE club LTD will get all the income of this...Wherever people invests their own money, they are looking for personal benefit. That means it is in order to gain profit, nothing else. And wherever the money talks, the bullshit walks. Once again it is good for the tourists, but there are many "local" (norwegian and international) jumpers that do not like the situation where somebody takes total controll of a jumpsite and makes it a comercial DZ! The drug-raid might be related to this aswell. As Stein writes. Stavanger BASE club LTD "was informed" (if not asked the police to come [thats personal opinion]) that police and dogs would come to the boogie, but there was no information aviable about that to the jumpers. Why??? A few people got the raid-warning, while others did not...Hmmmmmm
  8. Everytime there is something about the stuntmonkey Felix, the same shit happens. People complain and there is one single person, Granpa Space, that defends the clown. Why not just get the clowns ass and bit it hard, so he learns how to operate on other sites, outside Austria. Simply give him a couple of hard kicks in the ass, and he might learn. Next time he will have bodyguards on his hikes, but thats only the old movie stars that are to old to do anything (seems like F likes to pose on pictures with them,haha). I have waited for the grand opening of his fanclub on his site ( [/url]http://www.felixbaumgartner.com/site/index.html[url]) but is is still not working yet...I GUESS I KNOW WHY...Maybe this asskicking can put a smile on his face, so he dont look soo tough on all the pictures.... The bridge in France has been jumped since it was high enough to jump from, so quit with the lies pussy(cat). YOU GOT TO KICK IT, BEFORE YOU FLICK IT!!!
  9. Hey. You dont get it. It seems that the drugraid was planned and coordinated with the people on the DZ Kjerag...That's f#cked up!!! Big time... Yes it has unfortunly became a DZ, but it won't last for long!!! Many jumpers in Norway (especially the new generation) won't tolerate that this beautiful place turns into a private proffit machine, with few "organizers", "groundings", segregation and other bullshit like that... I know that the people did a greate job to make this comercial event work well, but the way it develops worrys people that love freedom and do not like controll...The drug-stunt showed that they want to get rid of people they do not want there, so it seems that we can't live side by side. And we are not gonna let this evolve further. Too much is to much. Kjerag is for everyone... Ps. And do not bullshit us with the "safety first" undercover lies. If it was so, they wouldn't have a beer tent on the DZ. Jumping with a hang over is not directly safe, comparing to other things... And I am agree. The royal family should be send to Spitzbergen to rule over the icebears YES, YOU ARE MISTAKEN. The business is there all the summer. The rules are there also all the summer. The prices are going up, up and up while the living cost in norway are not going up, up and up...Besides...let me give you an example. An experienced norwegian basejumper can not take his friend and train him up to launch him from Kjerag, even everybody knows he is skilled to be instructing...No, hes friend has to pay a fucking expensive course by Stavangerbase...That is buisness. It is not safety... It is hard to stay away from your own home...I understand if you mean a serten legal building but a whole mountain is a different story...
  10. Here is another article...http://www.strandbuen.no/nyhet.cfm?nyhetid=2093 Some of it translated : The background for the drug raid was tip from the public, says Sten Kristian lund to Strandbuen The (basejumping) community is international, and in this kind of happenings there are often some drugs. On the other hand we have to make cleare that the (basejumping) community themselvese are encouraging us to make those controlls. We are wellcome when we arrive, says the sherif. WELL. I GUESS THE JUMPERS THAT GOT COUGHT FOR THE TERRIBLE ACT OF ENJOYING THC KNOW WHO TO THANKS FOR THE 250$ FINE... Anyway. The summerweather have been pretty shity all june in Norway, and might never come to Stavanger this year... Perhaps the terrible weather will also make the drugpolice stay away from Kjerag. Rain, rain, rain...
  11. Unfortunately - YES!!! Here is what media writes. The article should hopefully be translated pretty soon on the Offheading.com , but is not as accurate as the observations done ON SITE... http://www.offheading.com/subpage43.html GET UP, STAND UP. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!